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  1. Kirthos

    Another MOTD Plugin [Asphalt MDK] 1.2.0

    Hello, here I come for a new small plugin for server admin. Let's see what add this plugins. Welcome Message With this plugin you can add a welcome UI for player that connect the first time on your server The content of the UI is directly read from a text file Here the content of the text file...
  2. Looh

    Mod Wishlist

    Welcome to the Mod Wishlist! This thread can be used to suggest your mod ideas to the modding community. Share your thoughts with Mod Developers on eco-mods.com and your "wish" might come true. ;) Mod Wishlist Rules Posts that doesn't relate to a mod suggestion will get removed. Discussions...
  3. S

    8.3.X 8.1.X DiscordLink

    The DiscordLink plugin integrates Eco with Discord. It allows you link a Discord Channel to an Eco Channel for (near) seamless communication between the two. DiscordLink also adds a number of commands to Discord and Eco that do a variety of jobs! Commands From Discord: ?help - Lists...
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