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  1. Kye

    8.3.X Elixr Mods - Tailings Resmelting V1

    This is a standalone version of the Tailings Re-smelting that is bundled with the Realistic Smelting, found in this pack here: Elixr Mods This does not require anything else to run it is a standalone pack, should you want to use this with Elixr-Mods without realistic smelting follow this...
  2. Kirthos

    7.8.X BetterMining [Asphalt MDK] 1.8.0

    Thank everyone for the 1000 downloads. It's amazing ! Have you learned the mining profession ? Just less calory consumption is not very useful, no one take this profession unless they have lots of skill points left. So, i decided to add 2 new skills for the mining profession: - Mining pickup...
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