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  1. Wise

    8.3.X WiseMods - DumpDlls 1.0.1

    Extracts all modding dlls from server and puts it to the <Server .exe path>/Dlls folder This mod also extracts EcoMods.dll
  2. ZeelNightwolf

    New Constructable Blocks

    FishAus and I have been making mods for the server we play on and wanted to share some of what we have learned along the way. (FZM = FishZeelMods, original, we know.) You can find me on Discord, Zeel Nightwolf#7289. You can get in touch with FishAus, FishAus#0367. So far FishAus has created 2...
  3. X

    Object interaction assistance

    Hey , i was wondering if may i have a hand trying to understand how the object interaction works and the creation of new tech trees, on my unity project i'm using legacy animations for the opening and close states and i'm using the game .cs for doors, in-game everytime i right click the new...
  4. Looh

    Mod Wishlist

    Welcome to the Mod Wishlist! This thread can be used to suggest your mod ideas to the modding community. Share your thoughts with Mod Developers on eco-mods.com and your "wish" might come true. ;) Mod Wishlist Rules Posts that doesn't relate to a mod suggestion will get removed. Discussions...
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