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  1. Ondulas

    8.3.X Cosmetics Mod [Update] 2.0.0

    Update 2.0.0 : - change of the 3D model of the unicorn headband ; - changes to the descriptions to give the characteristics of the objects ; - adding a new 3D model ; - balancing the rarity level of objects. Are you tired of looking like your neighbor? Would you like to be able to...
  2. Kye

    8.3.X 8.2.X TSO - Vote Rewards v1.1.1

    A vote rewards mod that integrates voting with a difference, This mod requires users to have and integrate an account from topservers.online to their steam account. The users can then either vote from their mobile device, browser or straight from the game! How To Vote - Any one of your players...
  3. T

    MOD Problem with Server 8.2.1beta

    hello, i have a problem, when i will move mods from the 8.1.4 to the 8.2.1 server than i get a error log can anybody help me?

    8.0.X JDVoteRewardsMod 1.5

    JD-Mods Discord Support & Model Requests on my discord or my Website https://discord.gg/6yJbeCY http://www.jd-mods.com/ Description: This is our new JDVoteRewardsMod if a player Votes for your server on ecoservers.io and the Player is online the Player Gets one JDCoinReward and with a...
  5. Sleepi09

    Insert mods at Nitrado server

    Hello everybody, I have a question about mods on a nitrado server. I can say that I am in a folder that contains the mods in most cases, but are also Unity3D files and DLLs. Now I've already tried to load the Unity3d file in the mod, but unfortunately that did not work. Best regards Sleepi09
  6. Grumble

    GrumblesToolMod 2

    Compacts some skills. Construction in to there tears, tools to the main menu. eg: hunter, Butcher. Gather, Seed. Fertilizer with Milling.
  7. ZeelNightwolf

    New Constructable Blocks

    FishAus and I have been making mods for the server we play on and wanted to share some of what we have learned along the way. (FZM = FishZeelMods, original, we know.) You can find me on Discord, Zeel Nightwolf#7289. You can get in touch with FishAus, FishAus#0367. So far FishAus has created 2...
  8. cmgjones

    Cj's Expanded Items ModPack V2.0

    -- -Cj's Furniture mod -- This mod is in an alpha stage so many bugs will exists. We are working to bring a more furniture into the game to give your houses that little but of WOW factor . The current mod contains lots of new items! , From industrial storage all the way to new chairs and...
  9. GeeknessFr

    Abandoned Light Sensor 1.11

    Description : This sensor will switch any lights (Electric Lamps but also Candles, Torches, Brazier.. etc...) while getting closer or going away. v1.10 : It will also switch lights when the night is falling. v1.11 : Version for 7.3 Servers and doesn't support older versions. If you didn't update...
  10. Looh

    Mod Wishlist

    Welcome to the Mod Wishlist! This thread can be used to suggest your mod ideas to the modding community. Share your thoughts with Mod Developers on eco-mods.com and your "wish" might come true. ;) Mod Wishlist Rules Posts that doesn't relate to a mod suggestion will get removed. Discussions...
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