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  1. Ondulas

    8.3.X Dynamite Mod 1.0.1

    Supported Eco version : 8.3.3. The mod doesn't crash servers when a lot of people use it. Often in Eco, mining can become boring. Sometimes you would like to dig a cave quickly to create new architecture, but you give up, for lack of time. For anyone who wants a new form of gameplay, this mod...
  2. H

    8.0.X Irony 1.0.0

    Makes metal ores easier to get by making them part of mining normal stones and by adding crafting recipes. In the wake of 8.0.0 world generation bugs, this mod restores some ability to have ores. It also works in properly generated worlds, if you just want to make getting ores easier. The mod...
  3. Kronox

    8.0.X [Asphalt MDK] Vein Miner v.2.2.0

    Early Alpha This plugin uses the Asphalt MDK. This plugin is needed for the mod to work! Vein Miner Mines veins of ores or blocks from the same type within a specific radius with only one hit and afterwards dropping the respective rubble. Usage Tipp: Works best in conjunction with Kirthos...
  4. Kirthos

    Mining Dynamite 1.0.1

    This mod add 2 items with their recipes Gunpowder - Used to make the dynamite. Dynamite - A dynamite that destroy block in a 3 block radius and have 25% chance to drop rubble when mining stone. The Gunpowder is crafted using 5 Stone, 5 Sand and 2 Copper ore at the Masonry Table by Mortar...
  5. Kirthos

    7.8.X BetterMining [Asphalt MDK] 1.8.0

    Thank everyone for the 1000 downloads. It's amazing ! Have you learned the mining profession ? Just less calory consumption is not very useful, no one take this profession unless they have lots of skill points left. So, i decided to add 2 new skills for the mining profession: - Mining pickup...
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