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  1. MisterAlex

    8.3.X ConveyorBelt 1.0.1

    Hi everyone, Release v1.0.0 of the ConveyorBelt mod, who give you ... well conveyor belt.
  2. IGSApex

    8.3.X Carry More ++ 1.0.0

    Since Carry More Mod hasn't been update, I have made a more update carry mod. About The Mod: This mod will allow you to carry x2 of every item. If the item doesn't have a stack size it will decreased the weight of it so you can hold more. I will add support for some of the mods that add items...
  3. M

    EcoChem 2018-07-25

    Always short on that one gold ingot? Always missing that one copper ingot? Behold the power of chemistry ! Now you can transmute a resource into another one! Fabulous isn't it? This mod provides you with a new Job: The Chemist including: A new workbench and a new skill and 4 recipes to turn...
  4. Arashi

    Abandoned Telescope Item 1.1

    This is a Telescope item which adds to home value, it is craftable at the MachineShop with Iron, Gears, and Glass. (Just merge the mod folder with your folder and your installed)
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