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  1. Tedox

    8.3.X Ny'SolarPanels 1.0.3

    A very simple mod who add new Solar Panels to the game Craftable by an Electrician with 25 steels, 40 copper wiring and 10 circuit. Output 500W per item .cs file available for easy customisation ! Enjoy !
  2. Tedox

    8.3.X Ny'Electrics 1.1.0

    A very simple mod who provide two electrics tables: - Electric Blast Furnace - Electric Cement Kiln Crafted by default in Electric Machinist Table, with industry skill. Each table need 3000W to works by default. You can configure the mod files with our item editor on...

    8.0.X JD Electric Job 2.3

    JD-Mods Discord Support & Model Requests on my discord or my Website https://discord.gg/6yJbeCY http://www.jd-mods.com/ Description This is a new job all machines / tables are electric and need power New recipes can be added easily Recips The New Machines can be Craftet in the Anvil at the...
  4. Arashi

    8.1.X 8.0.X Arashi's Lighting Collection 2.5

    Arashi's Lighting collection has been rebuilt from scratch for Eco 8.0.X.
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