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  1. Zangdar

    8.3.X Colored Vehicles 1.0.0

    Colored Vehicles (8.3.3) Give a touch of styles and uniqueness to your vehicles ! Paint your wood carts, steam truck and trucks ! Installation: Unzip the zip file in your Mods folder. Usage: Craft the Primitive Painting Table to paint and wash: WoodCartBlack WoodCartBrown WoodCartDarkBlue...
  2. Kirthos

    Color Cube 1.0.1

    Hey everyone. I come here to present you the new mod I'm working on. First things before I present you everything it add. This mods add a new plant in the world, so you need to generate a new map when you add this mods. Careful this mods can't be removed after being added be sure to think...
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