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  1. NoXid

    8.3.X Better Barrel Recipes 3.1

    Better Barrel Recipes by Mystical Ducks Studio Description This Mod replaces the Gasoline, Epoxy, Plastic and Synthetic Rubber Recipes. You get an empty barrel back for crafting any of those Items! Updated Recipes Old "Original" Recepies Version History In the following, you can see...
  2. nater

    Fire Barrel (Garbage)

    nater submitted a new resource: Fire Barrel (Garbage) - A fire barrel that uses fuel to burn items and produce air pollution. Read more about this resource...
  3. nater

    Fire Barrel (Garbage) 1.21

    Fire Barrel Mod This mod adds a fire barrel that you can put any non carried items into, they will be burned and air pollution will be produced. Features Get rid of unwanted items Burn stacks of items at a time if they fit Detailed pollution statistics similar to the Excavator Pollution...
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