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  1. Kobalt

    East Coast Autists

    Just a couple friends on the East Coast of the United States tryin' to have some fun. We're definitely on the spectrum. Modified carry stacks and tweaks, For more info hit us up on Discord: https://discord.gg/YZAM9qx
  2. Kobalt

    Trash Cans and Ethanol

    I'd like to create a trash can item that destroys anything put into it, but creates a small amount of ground pollution at it's location in exchange, maybe based on some aspect of the item's values, also possibly a compost heap that does similar for organic items, but either can craft...
  3. Kobalt

    Modifying Items

    I would like to make claim stakes craft-able (Albeit for a very steep price). What lines do I add/modify to make this happen? I'm referencing other items, but it's still a little confusing to me.
  4. Kobalt

    Simple Modification Help?

    Hey Guys, I personally would like to increase the capacity for carried items and base weight, what files do I need to modify to accomplish this. Not having much luck reverse engineering mods or items that do this. Thanks!
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