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    Feedback 30 hours in

    I am playing with a friend on a self hosted server that is set to no collaboration on a small world, I am level 13 for context. Storage: Storage in this game is quite finicky, hard to find items and disorganized Fixes 1. I would suggest having more dedicated storage options, these can only hold...
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    Walking is too slow

    Then maybe allow us to make lower tier infrastructure? Dirt road maybe?
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    Walk Speed?

    Is there any mods that improves the walking speed? I find moving around unbearable in the game.
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    Walking is too slow

    While walking around in the game I find is so annoying/slow. There are bushes everywhere that slow me down. Can you please for the sake of my hand cramping while holding down sprint all the time -just remove shift running and make the movement speed the sprint speed for everything. -Make it so...
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