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  1. Dennis

    Tree Growth Change for single player

    This happens when the set time is too low.
  2. Dennis

    Website feedback

  3. Dennis

    Feedback 30 hours in

    1. We're working on some of these for specific goods. 2. A sort feature is something we thought of for future polish tasks. 3. The distances are intended, we might rebalance them in the future, but for now we are happy with them. 4. I don't agree, it's important to have quick access to fuel...
  4. Dennis

    /spawnplant usage

    Better use the /give command to give you the seeds and plant them manually.
  5. Dennis

    What does /ownall exactly do?

    I'm not aware of this command having any parameters. You could try with the ID alternatively, but i don't think that works. It was built as a quick command to take ownership of all claims for QA testing.
  6. Dennis

    Way to prevent play from destroying meteor alone?

    No, but you can both limit who can place or craft lasers and the computer lab.
  7. Dennis

    What does /ownall exactly do?

    It does option b), it's a development command and there should never be a reason for admins to use it.
  8. Dennis

    Walking is too slow

    You can make dirt roads via the road tool ;)
  9. Dennis

    Walking is too slow

    Hello Mur, thank you for your feedback, but those mechanics are intended. Eco is a game where you need to build infrastructure and those mechanics are supporting that.
  10. Dennis

    When is update 9.0 coming out?

    Hello Sepi, we haven't set a release date yet, sorry!
  11. Dennis

    How to see Player Actions

    Hello Freya, no, the game does not create such logs.
  12. Dennis

    Can we use pulp as firewood?

    Wood pulp can be used as fuel in Update 9.0.
  13. Dennis

    Feedback & suggestions

    Hello Calvannon, i've created a Bug Report for that here: https://github.com/StrangeLoopGames/EcoIssues/issues/16796
  14. Dennis

    Grass and Dirt

    No, that's working as intended, as the maps are 2D. We plan to change that further down the road, but as it's technically not a bug, it's lowest priority.
  15. Dennis

    GeForce NOW?

    Hello, we did not prohibit them from using Eco, actually we never talked with them, so I'm assuming that Eco will not work on their systems due to the local server that uses databases. We're not going to actively work with them either, though, as we've been talking with Google Stadia before...
  16. Dennis

    Can't enter my own world

    Every half hour, you can configure that in your configs.
  17. Dennis

    Server Crash on Startup with new Serverfiles

    LinuxGSM? We're not currently supporting linux servers.
  18. Dennis

    Can't enter my own world

    When your computer froze, the chance is high, that your savegame is corrupted. In that case you need to restore the latest backup from /Steam/steamapps/common/Eco/Eco_Data/Server/Storage/Backups to the Storage folder. Eco saves data in databases, so "a computer freezing from time to time" is...
  19. Dennis

    Eco has been on my wish list for awhile now...I have a few questions

    1. No, we don't have controller support. 2. Yes, we do have official servers. 3. No, but you can buy it on Steam with their refund policy or on our website where you can refund it within 14 days without any game time restrictions. The only restriction that applies is that you cannot have linked...
  20. Dennis

    Delete Player Names

    Hello Klerion, that's unfortunately not possible.
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