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  1. Belixius


    Hello everyone, i got this too that sometimes it transforms sandstone then nothing while other players get often the change. The workaround i found was to modify the lines directly in Mods/Autogen/Rubble. It seems the game doesn't prioritize the mod file now and is buging a bit (maybe because of...
  2. Belixius

    BetterMining [Asphalt MDK]

    Hello everyone, if someone is still interested i found a workaround for the problem of the big rubble if you choose the Sweeping Hands Talent at Level 6 for the pickup Range. I modified the files in Mods/Autogen/Rubble to be able to pickup even those big Rubble who will show as green now to...
  3. Belixius

    Big Shovel [Asphalt MDK]

    Hi Kirthos, just wanted to ask if it's possible to edit the info, because if you change the stacksize of the LandScapeItems file your shovel can dig WAY more than 10 blocks , so the shovel can carry to your configurated stacklimit of Dirt,Sand and Clay. (Works for me with 64 Stacksize ^^)...
  4. Belixius

    Better Barrel Recipes

    Hi i know it's already 8.0.4 and i hope they didn't change the lines again but i modded the files to work in 8.0.3 if anyone is interested it's working fine for me on this version. This is the extra version with gasoline included.
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