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    Transport pipes [Asphalt MDK]

    i dont use this mod, but i'm assuming its used to send items from 1 storage container to another. I found a mod that i 'think' does that, but i havent gotten around to crafting one yet (i'm on a private server; not advanced yet). So i havent tested it yet. If you're interested, its called...
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    Mod Wishlist

    Another mod i'd like to see is most likely much more difficult, but i'm the type of guy who likes mobile bases (Thank you Ark!), so my idea is to create an 18-wheeler truck with a flatbed trailer connected to it that allows you to build on it. With this, we can use whatever blocks we want on the...
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    Mod Wishlist

    New mod suggestion: A new, more advanced Crane (more difficult to craft), that is mobile, similar to how the excavator works. Furthermore, it would have a longer reach for massive projects (the vanilla crane is only for big projects, but cant handle massive projects). Extra slots to hold more...
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    [Asphalt MDK] Vein Miner

    i'm having the same problem. I'm wondering if this mod isnt working with the current version of the game.
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    BetterLogging [Asphalt MDK]

    is this mod no longer working? clicking the star doesnt seem to do anything.
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    How do i edit the Ramp files?

    I've figured out how to adjust stack size and weight of other items, but the ramps dont seem to have any option to increase stack sizes or weight. Does anyone know how to adjust the weight and stack size of the ramps? I've tried just adding in the same coding that all the other items have, but...
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    Mod Wishlist

    Is it possible to adjust all the 'blocks' to be able to be placed in your inventory rather then your hands? I know how to reduce the weight and increase their stack size, but i'm not sure how to flag them as 'items' to fit in your backpack rather then your hand.
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    How do i create a new recipe and modify a certain item?

    I have 2 questions: First is, How do i create new recipes without breaking my game? I would like to add in a charcoal recipe to my campfire so i can make charcoal from plant fibers (i know this can be done, as the main server i was playing on had a similar recipe in their campfire; instead of...
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    HaioPais Farmer and Food

    Hey, HP, is it possible to tweak the glasshouse a little for people with single player games who dont have a dedicated server running 24 hours a day? If possible, i'd like a small patch that would reduce the craft time on the glass houses. And if possible, add more crops in the glasshouse too...
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