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  1. BeeFTM

    Issues with flying Objects and More [Solved]

    Sorry i dont understand you!
  2. BeeFTM

    Issues with flying Objects and More [Solved]

    Hey People, Hey Modders out there, my problem is, that when i use Blender and Unity, my Objects begin to fly if ingame (Screenshot) and some other issues: - Object begin to Fly in distance - Rotate direction Ingame is wrong - If i import aObject from Blender (.fbx) in Unity,i have to rotate the...
  3. BeeFTM

    [DE/EU] ECOHobbits - Modded Server

    [DE/EU] Hobbits | Modded Server! English Features: 4 Admins German & English Support Discord (Synced with the Server) Stable Server with different Custom Mods The World is 1,44 km2 big Marketplace Trading over Discord & Ingame with the API Ideas and wishes welcome in Discord German...
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