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  1. Dennis

    I didn't receive the key to update my ECO account

    Hello, what key did you mean? Did you just buy Eco?
  2. Dennis

    New official forums for Eco

    Well, if all conditions are met, there is no reason to switch. It just creates additional work noone wants, me neither, haha.
  3. Dennis

    New official forums for Eco

    Hey, we have something in common. I refuse to deem discourse with it's "infinite scrolling" a forum at all. ;) In my opinion WBB would fit all these requirements, you can take a look at it here: https://community.woltlab.com/ The resources of Woltlab have one disadvantage, their default listing...
  4. Dennis

    New official forums for Eco

    But as i said, it'll be a while until any decision on that is made. I'll make sure to test with mod databases. Feel free to tell me what exactly you like about XenForo resource base, so i know what is important for you guys. Just feel free to post any feedback. I want to try to get the best...
  5. Dennis

    New official forums for Eco

    That might be true, but the main aspect of this page in the future will be the use as official forums, so that's what will influence the decision most. Uploading Mods and keeping the modding aspect is definately a big goal too, but we likely won't be able to offer the service of checking all...
  6. Dennis

    New official forums for Eco

    Hello there, fellow Eco Citizens, as announced back in December last year, SLG has taken over the project "Eco-Mods.com" from @Looh and @mampf and this site is now under control of SLG. At the same time our official forums (ecoforums.strangeloopgames.com) now also redirects here. Both sites will...
  7. Dennis

    Eco Mods will become the new, official SLG Forums!

    Hey everyone, Looh has already mentioned a lot of stuff, so i only want to add a bit on what will happen after the forums have changed owners. For a while, everything will just stay as it is now. Over the course of the time, we'll restructure the forums structure a bit to make the forums a more...
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