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STC Storage Crates

Abandoned STC Storage Crates 1.3.1

No permission to download
STC Storage Crates


What it does:
  • adds a storage crate for all normal inventory items
  • adds a storage crate for all carried items
  • adds a storage crate which can hold all items
  • all crates are craftable by Carpenter
    • Level 1: Workbench
    • Level 2: Carpentry Table
    • Level 3: Sawmill
Different tiers:
All crates come in 3 tiers, each tier increases slot amount and carry weight of the crate.
Spawn commands:

Item Crate 1

/give ItemCrateA

Item Crate 2

/give ItemCrateB

Item Crate 3

/give ItemCrateC

Block Crate 1

/give BlockCrateA

Block Crate 2

/give BlockCrateB

Block Crate 3

/give BlockCrateC

Mixed Crate 1

/give MixedCrateA

Mixed Crate 2

/give MixedCrateB

Mixed Crate 3

/give MixedCrateC

Extract contents of zip archive in to /yourserver/mods/​
Slot count and carry weight for all crates can be configured in "STCcratesConfig.cs"
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First release
Last update
4.67 star(s) 6 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Optimizations

    reduced mod size by almost 50% fixed Universal Crate 3 not displaying correct name on crate sides
  2. New models!!

    Completely redone all crate models and finally crates are not floating anymore if you walk away...

Latest reviews

würde mich freuen wen es diesen Mod auch für die aktuelle Version geben würde
Must Have, i like the ability to choose if i want to store blocks or not, thanks for sharing
I love this Mod :-)
Storage = 5 stars.
Mod that is very compact for big storage. and takes less place. and looks nice.
Awesome Mod
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