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STC Immersive Collaboration

Abandoned STC Immersive Collaboration 1.0.3

No permission to download
Nenormalus, Jin
STC Immersive Collaboration


Shape the Cube Immersion Collaboration is about making the gameplay a little bit more challenging and making every profession valuable through the whole game. That means that the adventure shall be lead by minimum 8 players.

What it does:
Changes default ECO progression in a way that it "forces" you to collaborate with other players on your server as for crafting your professions otherwise most basic items now requires ingredients from other professions as well - everything is linked!
This "gamemode" change is intended for servers with at least 8 people playing regularly, anything less than that and you will have a really hard time progressing.
1) Masons and carpenters will always be needed!
Some examples of how recipes interact to each other even with more endgame crafts:
Wind Turbine recipe:
Steel is made of lumber and tailing instead of just iron:
To make steel you’ll need the blast furnace which will need biodiesel to run for the first time (you can swap to charcoal after if you wish)
Concrete is made of wood pulp and stone, instead of just stone:
As you can see there has been a lot of recipe tweaks. Basic materials from carpenter and mason have been added to most mid and end game items, we also included some items from the cooking and hunting branches in to the endgame stuff.
2) Fuels have been modified as well :
No more wood or arrows to supply crafting/cooking stations! :)
  • Fuels allowed : Boards, Hewnlogs, Lumber, Charcoal, Coal, Biodiesel
  • The braziers accept Tallow, Charcoal and Biodiesel, making the cook valuable in lighting your cities.
3) Tweaks on cook skill points gain :
We figured that the cook and the butcher were earning too many points compared to some other professions. Therefore crafting times for those two have been tweaked to match the mason and the carpenter.

4) Let’s move!
You will travel faster on roads :
  • 120% for the dirt roads
  • 140% for the stone roads
  • 160% for the asphalt roads
The capacity and the weight of the carts have also been increased so you can transport all those precious ingots and construction blocks easier.

Extract contents of zip archive in to /yourserver/ and overwrite any existing files when promted.
before trying this gamemode you should make a backup of your mods folder!
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