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NidToolbox Server Tools: MOTD, Moderators, permission levels, announcements

8.3.X NidToolbox Server Tools: MOTD, Moderators, permission levels, announcements 1.8.9

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  • Added property related commands: nid-AddToDeed, nid-RemoveFromDeed, nid-RepairAllRooms; (Thanks for @Praefator for suggestion)
  • Vanilla commands run silently and do not provide any textual info on what happen, hence the logic of the added commands has been changed slightly, by adding feedback to issuing user as well as to target user about whether the command was successful and which plot it targeted. Displays errors if they occur.
  • Changed /nid-RefundSpecPoints into /nid-ResetPlayer. Accepts player name, and a true/false value for whether it should only refund specialisation points via option: "onlyRefundPoints". Very useful in the beginning of the game when newer players make mistakes with their skills distribution. By default it will reset the player to the starting state, as they were when first logging to game. It is also possible to keep the progression of the player and only allow them to redistribute specialisation points, by selecting TRUE as third parameter.
  • Rewritten logic for nid-ResetJob, to be more friendly to servers that use a lot of modified or added professions. It now also accepts third argument refundSpecPoint (true/false) for whether it should refund the user invested point in the skill that is being reset.
  • Fixed Eco bug that caused players to accumulate negative specialisation points in some cases if the server used modified or new professions added by mods. Added Negative Spec Points Preventer. It will check players on login. Thank you for Dorian for making me aware of this issue on Discord.
  • Improved logic of /nid-SetJobLevel command.
  • Added check to make sure if the .dll file is placed in its seperate folder and not in root Mods folder on the server. This should be useful for admins who host their games in environments where have no direct access to files upload.
Thanks go to @hami for his suggestions.
  • Added new /nid-SetJobLevel (accepts: targetUser, string skillName, integer level) - sets skill level to indicated level, including levelling up and down. Note: For levelling down, affected player will be kicked briefly to allow for UI update.Their Talents in the skill will be reset, so they can pick them again. Levelling up does not require kick, nor talents reset. skillName - if it contains spaces, please type it without them i.e. AdvancedBaking or advancedbaking, capitalisation does not matter anywhere apart from User names. Partial names for skills are accepted too. If skill is not known to the target player, it will be learned automatically. Example use: /nid-SetJobLevel nidaren, hewing, 6
  • Added new command /nid-ResetJob (accepts: targetUser, string skillName)- allowing for complete reset of the skill to its starting state / unlearn, including skill dependent talents, only indicated skill is affected. skillName - if it contains spaces, please type it without them i.e. AdvancedBaking or advancedbaking, capitalisation does not matter anywhere apart from User names. Partial names for skills are accepted too. User will be kicked briefly for UIs update. Example use: /nid-ResetJob nidaren, hewing
  • Added new command /nid-ResetTalents (accepts: targetUser)- resets all talents in all skills so they can be picked again. Does not affect any of the skills. As per vanilla Eco, User names are case sensitive. User will be kicked briefly for UIs update.
  • Added PopUp kick warning window sent to affected player, for commands that require autokick.
  • Fixed /nid-RefundSpecPoints slight delay in adding speciality point.
  • Fixed /nid-RefundSpecPoints now removes associated talents properly.
  • Fixed several spaces and typos in strings.
  • CODE: Added skill related helper methods.
  • Added new command /nid-LawBanCurrency (accepts string currency) - it will issue a Law that prevents minting of specified currency. Note that it will be impossible to mint this currency, however the existing coins of this currency will be kept. To destroy these use: /nid-ZeroOutCurrency.
  • Added Patcher that can propagate changes from the Plugin update to the existing commands in configs.
  • Changed default permission of /nid-MotdShow to User.
  • Plugin Code: Several classes split for better organisation. Defined and implemented Error display methods.
Update tested both on Windows and Linux Servers.
  • Added new command /nid-SendPopUp (accepts string message and target user) - it will send a PopUp confirmation message (with OK button) to the target user. Please note - due to construction of the message window with OK button, the message should be kept short. Thanks to @hami for suggestion!
  • Changed default permission for /nid-Rules from Moderator to User. This command displays server Rules if enabled and set.
  • Plugin Code: fixed namespaces and split commands into categories for better and clearer organisation.
  • New commands added in Eco update now assignable to Moderators: (thanks to @PointyFinger for suggestion!)
    • nid-AddAccountManager
    • nid-RemoveAccountManager
    • nid-AddAccountUser
    • nid-RemoveAccountUser
    • nid-CreateAccount
    • nid-DeleteAccount
    • nid-SetAccountOwner
Thanks to @Nurdism for the report.
  • fixes server panic on null user/player exception, this error could occur when user drops connection before entering the game on MOTD display. It will now show error message instead.
  • added additional checks against null message and player in listener helper methods.
  • implemented compatibility with Linux via Mono. Plugin will now properly find all config files under Linux; Thanks @Lokiare for the reports in regards to this bug.
  • compiled with new Eco update;
  • started refactoring some of the descriptions and strings;
  • tweaked /nid-UserCurrencies a tiny bit. It will now say if there is no currency present on any of the accounts instead of showing an empty table;
  • file paths in code are now platform independent.
Added several Currency related commands:

All currencies names are NOT case sensitive and can be typed partially, for example: Mossy for MossyCoin or nidaren for (Nidaren's Credits). Plugin will find and match the currency. If more currencies are named the same, you will be asked to be more specific.

See screenshots for examples!

However, as per game client all usernames must be typed fully and with proper capitalization.

Huge thanks for @Darkness for their suggestions!
  • /nid-UserCurrencies - (accepts string currency name), it will display all accounts containing currency specified by the command issuer, together with bank account's IDs needed for other commands.
  • /nid-UserBankAccounts - (accepts User username), it will display all bank accounts and all currencies present on these bank accounts, that belong to the specified user,together with bank account's IDs needed for other commands.
  • /nid-DeductAccount - (accepts integer BankAccountID, float amount, string Currency), it will deduct specified amount of specified currency from specified Bank Account. To check bank account ID(s) use the commands: /nid-UserCurrencies or /nid-UserBankAccounts.
  • /nid-ZeroOutCurrency - (accepts currency name) - this command will remove currency from circulation. It will destroy all existing coins on all accounts. However, it will NOT delete the currency from game, as it is no longer safe to do so. Zeroed currency is no longer visible in the Currencies in Circulation Tab To prevent currency from being minted again, zero it by this command and then issue law against it. This will make currency no longer in use and impossible to mint.
  • /nid-ZeroOutCredits - (accepts credits name) - this command targets the starting player credits, that are issued as infinity at the game start. It will remove specific starting credits from circulation. Please note: It is perfectly safe to zero out all minted currencies, however in case of Credits, I am not too sure, hence why this command ships as disabled by default. You can enable it yourself if you want to use it. The plugin will warn you on enable. We did zero all starting credits on our server, but I will leave the choice to you.
Some screenshots:


  • added Rules module, allowing for setting and displaying Server Rules.
  • added /nid-MotdSetTitle command, allowing to set MOTD Title Bar and Header from within the game
  • added additional checks for errors in config files.
  • corrected minor typos in log messages.
  • Added MOTD/Welcome module;
  • Configs AutoUpdate routine - will automatically add new commands to user configs, no need for manual editing on Plugin update;
  • Implemented recommended Asphalt's practices.
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