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NidToolbox Server Tools: MOTD, Moderators, permission levels, announcements

8.3.X NidToolbox Server Tools: MOTD, Moderators, permission levels, announcements 1.8.9

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  • Disabled /nid-UnclaimPlayer command due to issues with command targeting extensive number of plots. Command will be disabled for now and fixed with the next features update.
  • Improves the Claim Preventer triggering for players that did not accept the server rules in a way that it now prevents the action completely, before it occurs, rather than retracting it right after it happened.
  • Rules module has been expanded with new options and functionalities.
  • Added Rules Enforcement - giving ability to enforce rules acceptance on all players on the server.
  • Added PassPhrase functionality - it is possible to enable password which is hidden in the rules. Users who are confirming the rules will need to provide this password in order to complete the confirmation.
  • Implemented Claim Prevention - setting, users who haven't accepted server rules, cannot claim any land.
  • Changed the files organisation of the plugin within its folder - .json files are now stored in Config, textual files like Rules.txt, Motd.txt etc, are stored in Texts, Storage folder contains plugin's internal files. Logs folder will appear if Server admins enabled IP logging feature. There is no need to move your files manually, plugin will copy all your existing configs automatically upon its initialisation.
  • All txt files usually added to the plugin dll are now contained within and deployed only when needed.
  • Expanded nid-Ban command that will now also unclaim all property of the banned player. thanks for suggestion to @Kye !
  • Added following commands:
    • nid-RulesAccept - (accepts optional string password) - allows users to accept Server Rules;
    • nid-RulesPlayers - displays players who haven't accepted server rules yet;
    • nid-RulesEnforce - (accepts bool true or false) - Turns rules acceptance enforcement on or off;
    • nid-RulesForcePass - (accepts bool true or false) - Turns rules acceptance password enforcement on or off;
    • nid-RulesShowPass - Displays currently set rules password.
    • nid-RulesSetPass - (accepts string password) - allows setting password for rules acceptance, must be between 3 and 30 characters, contain only letters and no spaces.
    • nid-RulesPreventClaim - (accepts bool true or false) - With this setting on, users who haven't accepted server rules, won't be able to claim any land. Turns setting on or off.
    • nid-UnclaimPlayer - (accepts User targetPlayer) - unclaims all property of the specified player, no need to stand or be on their land to execute. IMPORTANT: targetPlayer name is case sensitive, as per client requirements.
Main configuration resides in the Settings.json file and following options are available:
    "ForceAcceptRules": true,
    "ForcePassPhrase": true,
    "PassPhrase": "secretpass",
    "PreventClaiming": true,
    "FileName": "Rules.txt"
  • FileName (string) - indicates which file should Plugin load the rules from. This is also the location plugin will save any changes to the rules. It should be already existing, valid text file. If plugin is unable to find or read the indicated file, it will set empty ruleset.
  • ForceAcceptRules (true / false) - when set to true, all players must accept rules in order to play on the server. Announcement is displayed each login until they do so.
  • ForcePassPhrase (true / false) - when set to true, players accepting server rules will have to provide this string in order to successfully confirm. It is good idea to hide is somewhere within the rules of the server so they must read them in order to uncover it.
  • PreventClaiming (true / false) - if set to true, players who haven't accepted the rules, cannot claim any land and property.
  • PassPhrase (string) - password needed by ForcePassPhrase, must be between 3 and 30 characters, contain only letters and must not contain spaces.





This version is a minor hotfix:

  • Fixes problem with target of nid-ResetTalents command, reported by SweGer on Discord, thank you!
  • Messages.json renamed to TimerMessages.json, new version of the plugin will automatically update your old files and preserve your saved messages. No action needed on the user side;
  • Unified the output of timer based commands. They will now clearly state the default timers, trigger time, trigger hour and how much time is left till the event. See below for details;
  • Added Server Changelog Module. This simple module allows server admins to list recent changes they did to their Server on date-by-date basis. Changes can be then displayed by the players in the info-type window in game. *requested by @Dwezer* For details, please refer to the documentation of the plugin.
  • Timer based modules code rewritten and fully multithreaded, to enable adding new timer based modules in the future easy;
  • Module related commands will always check if the module is disabled before presenting output;
  • Added following commands:
    • nid-ShowLog - displays Server's changelog set by admins. Starts as disabled feature;
    • nid-SetServerChangelog - allows setting of the Server Changelog. Similar to Rules.txt editing the Server changelog is recommended directly in the txt file for convenience;


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  • Added Scheduled Messages Module. This is a type of a server message that displays at exact hour i.e. 16:52. This should be useful for any of you that require messages shown at specific and exact time.
  • Added following commands:
    • nid-ScheduledEnable / nid-ScheduledDisable - commands that toggle Scheduled Messages Module on and off.
    • nid-ScheduledList - displays list of all scheduled messages currently set;
    • nid-ScheduledSet - (accepts string messageTitle, string messageText, integer hour, integer minutes, true/false showAdPopup) - adds new scheduled message, may also be added via file edit as per usual example that will generate an announcement that will trigger as popup at 14:00 servertime:
       /nid-ScheduledSet Garbage Collection, We will collect garbage in one hour at 15:00 servertime, 14, 00, true
    • nid-ScheduledDelete - (accepts string messageTitle) - deletes the specified message, accepts partial names and will search in the existing messages for the one specified by user;
    • nid-ScheduledTime - (accepts string messageTitle, integer hour, integer minutes) - changes the hour at which specified scheduled message will appear.
  • Fixed nid-sameIP command not showing users sharing same IP Address in certain circumstances thanks @York
  • Changed how nid-sameIP displays its output
  • Added new setting FadeModName if set to true it will fade "This server is using NidToolbox" announcement.
  • Compiled against Eco version 8.3.0.
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  • Added /nid-GoSpawn - teleports player to the server spawn location. Starts as disabled command but can be enabled by server admins. Suggested by Shoe73 on Discord.
  • Added User Homes Teleport Module - allows for players to set up locations as their homes and later teleport to these places by using the command. Admins can enable a cooldown timer that will prevent players for abusing this option too often. Please refer to the main mod thread for documentation on this feature.
  • Added Connections and IP Logger - these can be enabled if needed and when active will register information on each user logging in to your server - their IP Address, date and time when logged, Steam ID, Slg ID and character names. Dates and times are stored in accordance to Server regional formats. Please refer to the main mod thread for documentation on this feature.
  • Added IP Address and Same IP users checker commands - these give detailed info about locations your players connect from as well as how many of the chars use the same IP address. Please refer to the main mod thread for documentation on this feature.
  • Added following commands:
    • nid-HomeTimerEnable nid-HomeTimerDisable - commands switch on and off timer establishing cooldown for /nid-GoHome command.
    • nid-SetHomeTimer - accepts number in minutes, sets cooldown time for /nid-GoHome;
    • nid-HomeTimerReset - accepts targetUser and will reset their wait teleport timer to zero.
    • nid-HomeTimerResetAll - will reset all active cooldows for home teleport for all users.
    • nid-SetHome - designates user location as their home;
    • nid-GoHome - will teleport user to their home, given command is enabled and cooldown timer, if set - passed.
    • nid-IpLogEnable nid-IpLogDisable - turns on and off IP Logger module. When enabled it will trigger at each user logon and register all available info on them. Files are stored in Mods/NidToolbox/Log/IPsHistory. Refer to main mod thread for documentation;
    • nid-CSVEnable nid-CSVDisable - turns on and off generation of comma delimited files in addition to regular IP Logger logs. These can be easily loaded to tools like Excel or Google Sheets for detailed data analysis. Stored and named in the same convention as regular logs.;
    • nid-IP - accepts targetUser - it will print out detailed information about online targetUser connection. It shows their IP, ISP location etc. Accepts optional parameter simpleMode true, which will make it return only the IP address without the additional data.
    • nid-sameIP - will detect and report players that play/share the same IP.
  • Added proper plugin Logger, all actions performed by my plugin will now have a Specific tag in the main game log, so it is easy to find these.
  • Improvements:
    • all textual helper commands have been rewritten, all console output is now clearer and better looking.
    • Commands and their permissions settings in CommandPermissions.json are now sorted each time there is a change or update in commands. Should be much easier to work with the file for these of you, who prefer to edit it by hand.
  • Fixed Bugs:
    • Not all plugin actions would be logged in the main game log, sometimes leaving empty spaces.





  • Added Timer Messages Module - allows for sending messages that are based on specific timer. Module can store multiple messages which can all have their own timers. Messages can be added either via the file editing (Messages.json), or by using the in game commands (see info below and in main plugin thread). They accept formatting like bold, underline, different text size etc. When running the plugin for the first time, timer module, as most of the plugin functionalities, start as disabled and need to be enabled by the admin.
  • Added timer message specific commands:
    • nid-TimerMsgEnable - enables the timer message module;
    • nid-SetTimerMsg - adds/sets new timer message. Accepts string Title, string MessageText, float Timer and bool ShowAsPopup . Title should be a short string that makes it easy to identify the message if you want to edit it, MessageText is a general text of the message, Timer should be given in minutes, ShowAsPopup is a simple true/false, indicating if the message should also pop-up in the window;
    • Instead of using SetTimerMsg, players can also edit the file (Messages.json), if so they prefer - to set all of these options there. It might also be easier to edit longer messages there.
    • nid-CheckTimers - displays all active timer messages, current server time, time when message will trigger, remaining hours/minutes/seconds on the timer;
    • nid-ChangeDefTimerMsg - allows to edit and change the default timer for the message. For example: If the message originally triggered every 30 minutes you can change it to trigger every 120 minutes. Requires string Title to find the message. You can indicate whole or partial name here;
    • nid-ChangeRunningTimerMsg - allows to edit and change the running timer (time left to trigger) of the message. For example: If the message has 13 minutes left to trigger you can either prolong or shorten it. You can only prolong it up to the default timer that is set to message, so you cannot prolong the trigger for message that is set to show up every 30 minutes beyond that. Requires string Title to find the message. You can indicate whole or partial name here;
    • nid-DelTimerMsg - deletes the specified timer message. Requires string Title to find the message. You can indicate whole or partial name here;
    • nid-ConfigTimersReload - Reloads Configs of time messages - it will load new settings from Messages.json file.
      WARNING: While adding and removing individual timer messages via the commands does not reset the timer of the other messages, using this command will reset all of the running timers to the timers indicated in the file. This command is independent from /nid-reload and nid-reload does not reset the timers or influence them in any way.
    • nid-reload - my older command that now reloads all of the plugin config apart from the timers, to reload these use nid-ConfigTimersReload . I made this distinction to avoid affecting/resetting the timers if the player wants to reload other plugin settings.
  • Added /nid-SetTime - accepts number between 0 - 23 to set the world time to desired hour.
  • Exposed vanilla command nid-UnclaimAbandoned - accepts number Days - allows authorised groups - Admins or Moderators - to unclaim plots whose owners did not log in for X amount of days.
  • Changed command nid-help - by default it now displays its content divided by tags, to make finding the wanted command easier. It also accepts optional argument alphabetical true/false, if used it will displayed list in its old format - in alphabetical order.
  • Improvements:
    • improved some of the vanilla commands not giving feedback to the user on successful execution;
    • all newly generated CommandPermissions.json files will have their commands alphabetically sorted, for easier commands finding in case someone prefers to edit the settings file directly.
  • Fixed Bugs:
    • fixed nid-help being illegible in chat after 0.8.0 Eco Update;
    • fixed some of the added commands not reporting to log after use, if the use was allowed or rejected.
nid-CheckTimers output example:


new nid-help output example:


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