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NidToolbox Server Tools: MOTD, Moderators, permission levels, announcements

8.3.X NidToolbox Server Tools: MOTD, Moderators, permission levels, announcements 1.8.12

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  • Fixed issue with using boolean values true and false in some of the commands, where Command Handler would return an error of unrecognised value. Thanks for @t4kumi and @Kye for reporting the issue.
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  • Fixes native Eco's Command Handler to allow for text with commas inside various commands. To input text containing commas into the command, please use quotations i.e. "Text, with ,commas"
    Native Eco's command handler will cut anything after first comma, as it sees it as next command argument. This hotfix prevents this behaviour as long as the comma separated text is contained within quotations.
    This fix is global, meaning that other mod's commands, your own commands, or eco vanilla ones can also use the benefits of this fix.
  • Example commands that directly benefit from this fix:
    nid-announce "Server will restart in 5 minutes, please get to safety!"
This hotfix fixes the following bug:

  • Commands requiring skill names would return an unrecognised skill error, on servers running non-English localisations. Thank you for @baguette_deluxe and Banda for reporting!

This update brings the following changes:

  • Added Marriages Module - when enabled it allows players to marry one another. For marriage proposal to be successful the addressee of the request must be online and also must agree to the request. Once accepted, both players will be marked as married to one another in the player's tooltip. For more information head to the main plugin thread and search for Marriages.
  • Changed special tags, they can now be configured as any other tag: hidden or shown in tooltips and/or chat, have colors assigned. Thanks to @AlexALX for suggestion.
  • Added possibility to rename special tags - they can have custom name assigned, either by command or within the config file. For more information head to the main plugin thread and search for Role Tags. Suggested by @AlexALX
  • Changed the display order of the tags, first any special tag is shown (admin, moderator, server owner), then all the regular tags in alphabetical order. Thanks to @Praefator for suggestion. More detailed load order control will come in the next updates.
  • Added possibility to drain all user currencies in all bank currencies via nid-DrainUserBankAccounts. Funds are transferred to the treasury. This command is now also executed when unclaiming abandoned property. Suggested by @mbc023 on Discord.

  • Added following commands:
    • nid-TagCustomNameSet - Renames special role tag (modreator, admin, server owner) into new name. Accepts string tagName, string customName
       /nid-TagCustomNameSet Admin, SomethingSpecial
    • nid-TagCustomNameClear- clears previously assigned custom name. Accepts string tagName.
    • nid-Marry - Sends request to marry specified player. Accepts User playerToMarry (Important: as per Eco requirements all user and player names are CASE-SENSITIVE!) .
    • nid-Divorce - Divorces previously married partner. Accepts User playerToDivorce (Important: as per Eco requirements all user and player names are CASE-SENSITIVE!)
    • nid-MarriagesList - List the existing server marriages with dates and couples engaged in the union.
    • nid-DrainUserBankAccounts - Drains all currencies from all bank accounts of the specified user and transfers them into Treasury. Can be executed on demand and always executed during unclaiming inactive players property. Accepts User targetUser


I would like to dedicate this update to my beloved Mom, who passed away last week.
She was a wonderful and kind soul, I miss Her terribly.
Rest in Peace

(1951 - 2020)

This update brings the following changes:

  • Added Minting Rights Module. If Minting Rights are set to required on the server, only players that posses minting rights are able to craft either new currency or mint an existing one their previously created. Minting Rights can be enforced either by enabling their requirement via the command or by setting the option in Settings.json. Rights can be revoked and granted at any time by admins, there is also a way to track who has granted the rights and when. Status window of any Mint will also reflect player's held rights. For more information head to the main plugin thread and search for Minting Rights Module.
  • Added Player Role Tags. It is possible to assign tags to players that will show up in chat and/or in tooltips. There are two types of tags: special tags and regular tags. Special tags are a closed group of role-based titles that consists of Admin, Moderator and Server Owner. Special tags are always visible in chat and tootips, however their colours can be freely changed. Regular tags are based on titles existing on the server (titles can be created anytime in Registry). Once created Admins (or any allowed permission group) can then decide if the tag should be visible anywhere - all tags start as hidden both in chat and tooltips. When trying to create new titles, some names are forbidden from usage - for example any name that reflects the existing role, or contains its name in it - i.e. Admin, Mod, Owner etc. For more information on Role Tags head to the main plugin thread and search for Role Tags.
  • Added the ability to set Server Owner. It can be declared in the Settings.json (and only there!) file by specifying player's SteamID. Once set Server Owner will be denoted by special tag both in tooltips and chat. If you configure tag or colour via command it will be validated, so you can be sure you used the proper one (name or HEX).
  • Colours can be defined either by name (NidToolbox accepts 16 html colours <- click for examples) or if you don't like any of the provided colour you can define your own using its HEX code. It is easy to find desired code for example here <- click.
  • Renamed confusing nid-ResetPlayer paramenter onlyRefundPoints to refundPoints. Now setting it to true will refund spec points, while setting it to false will reset the player to the clean slate.

  • Added following commands:
    • nid-TagConfigure - Allows for configuration of the specified tag. Accepts string tagName, string color, bool showInChat, bool showInTooltip
       /nid-TagConfigure Janitor, aqua, true, true
    • nid-TagCheck - checks the configuration of an existing tag. Accepts string tagName.
    • nid-MintingRightsRequire - sets minting rights requirement to true or false. Accepts bool true/false.
    • nid-MintingRightsRevoke - revokes previously granted rights. Accepts User player
    • nid-MintingRightsList - list the holders of the valid minting rights.
    • nid-MintingRightsGrant - grants specified player the minting rights. Accepts User player





  • nid-UnclaimedAbandoned (accepts float days, optional bool assignTitle, optional Title) will now also unclaim any owned vehicles. And allow to assign special title to the abandonees (optional toggle) suggested by @mbc023 on Discord.
  • Added following commands:
    • nid-VehicleUnclaim- (accepts User targetUser) - Unclaims vehicle player stands at from original owner - targetUser. Issuer of this command must be close to the target vehicle. In case of larger vehicles, it is recommended to stand in between of their wheels, close to the middle of their in game model.
    • nid-VehicleClaim - (accepts User originalOwner, User newOwner) - Claims vehicle player stands at from original owner - originalOwner to newOwner. Issuer of this command must be close to the target vehicle. In case of larger vehicles, it is recommended to stand in between of their wheels, close to the middle of their in game model.
    • nid-UnclaimAllPlayerVehicles- (accepts User targetUser) - Unclaims all vehicles belonging to targetUser.
    • nid-VehiclesTransferAll- (accepts User originalOwner, User newOwner) - Transfers all vehicles from originalOwner to newOwner.
    • nid-VehiclesListPlayer- (accepts User targetUser) - Lists vehicles belonging to targetUser.
    • nid-VehiclesList- Lists vehicles belonging to command issuer and only them. It is recommended to give rights to run this command to everyone, so they can keep track of what they own.
    • nid-ListInactive- (accepts float days, optional bool dumpToFile) - Lists players that have been inactive since X days. When optional parameter dumpToFile is set to true, it will also save the names of these players into the file located in NidToolbox\Storage\DataDump\InactiveUsersDump.txt
This is a quick bug fix release, bigger patch with vehicles ownership control will be released in the upcoming days.
  • Fixed bug: Sweeping Hands Talent remains after talents clear. Thanks @Kye for reporting on Discord.
  • Fixed bug: nid-MotdShow will display an error due to file not being found. Thx @AlexALX for reporting on Discord.
  • Improved: Scheduled Messages trigger timings. Huge thanks to @AlexALX for running the beta builds to help track the issue on Linux/Mono.
Thanks for @hami for reporting the issues.
  • Fixed timers posting message: "timer expired" on inactive home timers;
  • Fixed timers behavior causing server instability in specific circumstances.
  • Added an ability to set caloric or/and monetary cost to Home Teleport Module. This requires that global currency is set on the server. Global currency can be set in Treasury by the world leader; Thanks to @hami for suggestion!
  • Fixed various spelling mistakes;
  • Added new commands:
    • nid-HomeRequireCalories - accepts true/false value. When set to true, users will be charged calories each time they want to teleport home.
    • nid-HomeRequireCost - accepts true/false value. When set to true, users will be charged monetary amount each time they want to teleport home. Requires that global currency is set on server. Global currency can be set by the world leader in the Treasury.
    • nid-HomeCaloriesAmount - accept float value and sets the calories cost to set amount, for example nid-HomeCaloriesAmount 200 will charge users with 200 calories each time they teleport.
    • nid-HomeCostAmount - accepts float value, sets monetary cost to specified amount.
  • New commands with example usage and syntax can be found in NidToolbox QuickSheet
  • These settings can also be changed within the Settings.json file in the HomeTeleportModule section:
    "HomeTeleportModule": {
    "TimerEnabled": true,
    "TimerMinutes": 60.0,
    "CostCaloriesEnabled": true,
    "CostCaloriesAmount": 43.0,
    "CostGlobalCurrencyEnabled": true,
    "CostGlobalCurrencyAmount": 1.24
  • Fixed date and time parsing error on some system locales for temporary bans; Thanks to @HaioPai
  • Temporary bans will be sorted based on their expiration time, with closest to expire being listed first;
  • Fixed display bug - days not displayed on temporary bans with duration longer than one day;
  • Fixed display bug - days not being included in console output when initiating new ban;
  • Fixed: Properly marking loaded temporary bans as malformed if user to which they were assigned no longer exists (useful when server owner starts a new world and forgets to remove old temporary bans file);
  • Added page with all commands and example usages: https://bit.ly/33V3Obm
  • Added new command nid-LogChat allowing for switching chat logger on and off from within the game. Syntax of the command is:
    /nid-LogChat true
    to enable the chat logger and
    /nid-LogChat false
    to disable it.

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