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NidToolbox Server Tools: MOTD, Moderators, permission levels, announcements

8.3.X NidToolbox Server Tools: MOTD, Moderators, permission levels, announcements 1.8.12

No permission to download
Nice, Good Job!
Excellent Mod. Very useful
Thank you for your opinion! Much appreciated!
Absolutely love it. Easily the best plugin out there.
This mod basically saved the server community where I was on from falling apart after an admin mistake gave everyone ludicrous amounts of levels. This mod helped us fix that and the developer even helped us personally. Friendly guy and very helpful mod for any eco server admin.
Awesome Work! Thank you so much!
Great mod! A server without an announcement is like a CS 1.5 home server =D.
And NID is a really good person who can help with any question, and it feels like it's available 24/7. TNX!

This modpack is every admins dream for functionality, it does what it states and its easy to use! Every server owner should have this on their server even if only using a couple of features as most of it requires activation to turn on.

Nid is a fantastic guy! Always making sure everyone who reports bugs is well looked after and always ontop of fixing his bugs and releasing new content!

Keep up the good work mate!
Very usefull, works like a charm.
Very awesome, MUST have!
Work perfectly on !
Invaluable for eco server management.
Very good plugin, also currently the only one that allows setting job levels and resetting progress!
Nice Administration Mod
Amazing management tool!
This is an excellent plugin. Have seen it used on a server I played before and now I also installed it on the one I host. It has all its ever needed and the author updates it regularly.
Essential mod!!!
I host my own server and this plugin is a must. Everything works flawlessly. Permissions based on commands was a great idea!
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