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Works great! I love being able to distinguish visually at a glance between my cart and the carts of others :) Tested on
Straightforward and simple: works exactly the way you'd think it would. Crafted at the Assembly Line, connect it between stockpiles and it will transfer all materials from one stockpile to another, with an animation of the item moving beneath the conveyor belt. It can work vertically up/down even if the conveyor belts don't "snap" together visually. Tested in
Works great in! It's so nice to be able to carry more stuff at a time! Great mod!
Mod works on My biggest surprise/complaint is how small the boxes are versus how many items they can store. I feel like for the amount of items they can store, the boxes should be a little larger, and not the same size as the normal storage chest. But overall a good mod, the storage works great and looks good in world.
Works great on! It's really useful to be able to repair your shovel/hoe with stone instead of wood. :)
Great, have a good time with the Stone Tools Mod ^^
Works great on I love all the lil items to make each person feel more unique.

A suggestion: Not sure how the hats work but it would be nice if there were more options for hair color + hat, like red hair.
I will try to add more diversity in a future update. Thank you very much for your message ^^
This is a great mod pack however i seem to be having a weird issue with /tp it works once but then it just randomly stops and when the receiving person types /tpa it just says numbers like 16, 17, 18 and it just keeps going. not sure what the issue is.
Hi There!
The numbers displayed are the number of requests the person has,
"/wipe-tp" use this to reset all the requests, i am working on bug fixes for alot of issues but these won't be available until 9.0 has released as i have been focused on the major changes for 9.0 its to hard to regress i'm afraid
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