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Also works on (0.)8.3.3
One of the best modpackage, thanks. Works on ECO 8.3.3!
Works as intended on 8.3.3 for backpack, wheel barrels etc. Doesn't work on Vanilla stockpiles.
doesn't work with current version folder names dont match up, and server wont start after applying mod
which version are you trying? Did you see the Installation guide?
Works as intended.
Great mod
Also works on (0.)8.3.3!
Also works on (0.)8.3.3. Beautiful!
Works also on (0.)8.3.3!
Works on 8.3.3!
Works on (0.)8.3.3, great!
Love the mod but is there a way to just add 2x the stack size of buildable items with out the decreased carry wt. I want ppl to be able to build houses easier but not carry a truck load
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