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JD GarbageMan Job   :)

8.0.X JD GarbageMan Job :) 2.2

No permission to download
JD-Mods Discord Support & Model Requests on my discord or my Website

hello I have once again created a small job
the GarbageMan Job
+ Recycling

The garbager can take the Garbage from all players on the server to create Better Coal = garbageCoal.

Garbager Three
Recycler Three To recycle the Standard Materials and Tailings

Need Blast Furnace
you can Burn Garbage to GarbageCoal Burns a littlebit moor then the normal Coal

i give you all my Garbagecontainer with that job the container can store Items & Blocks :))
Can be Craftet at the Anvil

That's the new, seperate job.

Support on my discord


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Latest reviews

Also works on
Work perfectly on !
Any plans to update the Mod to the actual version?
We tried to install the mod but the server won't start. Maybe you can help
Does not work...
And the two different installation instructions are completly wrong...
Hi The Mod Works Perfect for all other Users and For me too so idk what your Problehm is - and you never askd about help to install it or something maybe you should write in the support forums bevor you write something wrong about mods here.
Just awesome!!
It's just necessary mod on my server
This Mod is awesome!!!!
Please add more Recips for Recycling
For Example:
- Recycling Stone Road
- Asphalt Ramp from Grumbles
Mit dieser Mod könnt Ihr den Müll (Garbage) sauber entsorgen und zu Kohle pressen. Durch den Mod kann man auch viele Sachen recyclen. Fast schon must to have.
Awesome mod, well supported.
Awesome Mod! And the support is fast!
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