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JD Electric Job

8.0.X JD Electric Job 2.3

No permission to download
Fixt Skill Learning bug
Updatet Mod
Fixt Errors
Mod Updated to version 8.05
Fixt Items
Fixt Tables
Remake Unity Textures
Updatet Unity Files Fixt Some Errors
Changed Some Recips for Vanilla
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Added the occupancy for all objects.
Added a broken component (you can check the status in the status tab)
The machine will break when you use it a lot.
For repairing the machine I've added the repair toolkit crafted at the anvil with Electronic working.
To decrease the chance for the machine to break I've added a skill in your specialty Careful Worker.
added a config to set if the research table craft the book or the scroll.
added a config to set a time multiplier of the craft time for your machine.
changed all the recipe to the vanilla game time.

This Mod Requires now the
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Fixed a error with placing moor then 2 of the same object.
Created a new Model for the BatteryGenerator
Added a new Icon to the BatteryGenerator


Batterygenerator the generator can only be used with batterys
texture and model updates in the future.
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