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"1.3.0? 7.6.X??"
You've read it right. The Glorious Bean Modback is pack. See what I did there?
Don't panic - leave that to me!


Companion Cube by Mari using Color Blocks by Kirthos

Version 1.3.0 Changes:

  • Color Cube: Adds Colored blocks for decoration and pixel art!!
  • Clow Mods: Multiple cool new objects, furniture and gates!
  • FishFood Plus: More fish-based food!
  • JD Stockpile: Early Game Alternative to the vanilla stockpile!
  • JD Silo: Silo with big storage slots for items!
  • JD Mulde: Trough to store blocks!
  • Sensor Items: Configurable lights with sensors!
  • Winemaker: Turn your infinite Blueberries into sweet sweet Wine!
  • Nearly all mods updated, given new game versions.
    Check modlist for details!

  • Arashi's Lighting Collection: Incompatible, waiting updates
  • Arashi's Nature Collection: Incompatible, waiting updates
  • Light Sensor: Incompatible, waiting updates
  • Builder Specialization: Obsolete due to game changes
  • Craft Blast Furnace at Anvil: Obsolete due to game changes [yay!]
  • Default Auth Fix: Obsolete due to game changes [yay!]
  • Fishfood: Replaced with updated mod FishFood Plus
Known Issues:
  • None, currently.
Notes :
Thanks to the great modders of our community.
Great thanks to the modders of the Eco Modding Alliance!
Special thanks to Kirthos, JAGGANOT, and Mariana. Recherche Team, Recherche! <3

Enjoy the new update!
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More Mods, more glory.

First of all, Update WARNINGS:

  • WARNING for 7.4.X version and manual mod inclusion or update:
    Eco currently has a limit of 256 blocks. This was reported and is being promptly fixed by the developers for the future versions. Adding or updating mods manually might cause your server to crash after launch (check for an IndexOutOfBounds exception in your server dump) - GBM 1.2.2 sits EXACTLY on the 256 Block limit [thanks to Kirthos for handing down a block slot for GBM!].
    In a week or so this may not be an issue anymore.

    Deru's Farming Mod was removed and replaced by BetterFarming (check Gathering tree). Players will lose skills invested in skills added by Deru's Farming Mod.
    Server owners:
    Warn your players, and if you want to give back the whole SP cost for that skill, the total cost would be 57 [{ 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 }].

    BigStorageChest will be removed in the next modpack update (unless a model is added by then).
    There will be a warning in the ReadMe / update when it's removed - ask your players to start moving their items into vanilla chests or JD Shelf.
    If players keep using BigStorageChest, those chests will be removed from the save on the next update, which will also delete everything inside them.

  • REMINDER : Admin / Commands mods were moved to a new modpack, Glorious Bean ServerUtils Modpack.

Version 1.2.2 Changes:

  • BetterFarming: More skills that make harvesting with scythes&hoes easier!
  • Grumble's Item Kit: Pack of multiple items, including furniture, food, windows and a new skill - zymology!
  • JD Shelf: A great Shelf that holds 50 items (takes the same space as 3 vanilla chests with some more slots)!
  • LargeBridge: A straight, safe large bridge for vehicles to drive in!
  • MarktStorage: A mixed-storage MiniCrate that holds 5 items - perfect for compact set-ups and designs!

  • Big Shovel: Fixes Repair Cost issue
  • Electric Job: Added Batteries, Battery Charger and a Generator that runs on Batteries! +Fixes
  • GarbageMan Job: Adds recycling & crusher to the GarbageMan Job! +Fixes
  • GBM MiscChanges: Fixed speed of Truck/PoweredCart in dirt roads, Higher Truck speed and carry weight, Takumi's SkidSteer (Previous 'MiscImprovements')
  • Planetary Defense: Fixed PD Research Efficiency issue [thanks Arigas!]
  • Shipping Container: Fixes rare issues; lowers mod file size
  • Simple Bridge: Lowers mod file size
  • Transport Pipes: TransportPipes now require power to operate. Pipes can input fuel in objects that require fuel [e.g Blast Furnace, Torch Stand, etc], Added a Hopper to drop Excavator mined resources directly on - connects to the pipe system and drops into output-connected storages, multiple fixes and optimization. Phew!

  • Deru's Farming Mod: Author MIA. Issues found. Replacement mod included.
  • Reset Skills Command: Moved to GBSU - admin/server mod. You can delete your /Server/ResetSkillsCommand folder!
Known Issues:
  • Fishfood Mod has no icons due to a conflict - conflicting mod authors were both contacted and once fixes are released I'll update the pack.
  • Kirthos Transport Pipes is in a Beta state - it's being actively developed by Kirthos and tested by me.

Thanks to the great modders of our community.
Great thanks to the modders of the Eco Modding Alliance!
Special thanks to Kirthos, JAGGANOT, and Mariana. Recherche Team, Recherche! <3

Enjoy the new update!
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The GBM is back with even more mods to make your worlds even more Glorious!


Version 1.2.1 Changes:

  • Artistry: Paint some Paintings for your buildings!
  • Electric Job: Electrical versions of the Blast Furnace, Kiln and Anvil. Save the Coal!
  • FZM-Games: Games within a Game. Play chess in Eco with your friend, or decorate with huge chess pieces!
  • FZM-Tools: Different useful tools and objects, like a Block Scanner and a Hare Trap!
  • Garbageman Job: Burn your Garbage into Coal.
  • Mining Dynamite: Creeper out all that evil stone!
  • Simple Bridge: It's simple. It's a bridge.
  • Shipping Container : 60 slot industrial container for carried items.
  • Transport Pipes: Automate your base. Transport & Filter items from your chests/containers/stockpiles!

  • Asphalt Modkit: Update that adds simple mod config files! Thanks to Kirthos and Kronox for pushing this effort!!
  • BetterLogging/BetterMining/BigShovel: Now easily configurable via files - check mod folder!
  • Cj's Expanded Items Pack: Multiple New Items!!
  • Industrial Container: Fixes.
  • GBS Industrial Container [rebalance]: Industrial Container now holds 90 items. More expensive again.

  • AKirthosCore: Deprecated mod - this API/Lib is now included in Asphalt Modkit
  • Admin Utils, Spoffy's Rubble/Debris Removal, WorldEdit:
  • [!] Admin / commands mods will go to a new modpack - Glorious Bean ServerUtils Modpack - to be released along with GBM 1.2.1

As always, thanks to the great modders of our community.
Special thanks to Kirthos, Kronox, JAGGANOT, MasterWho, FishAus and Zeel Nightwolf for hearing me out and helping me as fast as they can!

Have fun with this new update!
Hello again!

I've been getting reports of 'broken mods' with 'incompatible Eco versions'. I've finished testing of the modpack today on 7.4.4 and everything works fine.
A couple notes on updating:

  • When updating/migrating your Eco (and your savefile) for a new Patch/Hotfix [E.g. 7.4.4]: remember to always reapply the modpack, and if your server is hosted comercially, sometimes your host will tell you to reapply your configs. Do it.
  • When updating/migrating your Eco (and your savefile) for a new Minor Version [E.g. 7.4.X]: After reapplying the modpack, there are some chances that mods in the modpack may break or vanish in-game, or will prevent the server from launching. There are also chances that It Just Works, but you shouldn't risk your whole save/server on some chances. Either wait for my test results or for a modpack update. You can test by yourself locally, never test new versions on your live, public servers (if you have one).
  • When updating/migrating your Eco (and your savefile) for a new Major Version [E.g. 8.X.X]: Major versions take a while to be done/released, but it has near-absolute chances of bringing swooping changes that will break mods, and minimal-to-none chances of It Just Works. You'll be on your own trying to make it work on a major version, especially if me or modders haven't got a chance to update their mods yet.

TL;DR: Reapply the modpack after every update - Steam (or your host) will overwrite the modpack files, then you might end up with a Skill Tree being empty, mods half-broken or completely missing.
If there's still a broken/missing mod or broken server after reapplying, make sure to let the modder/author know of your issue.

Of course, take note of the Tested Version of the mods you use, and of this Modpack. If you are not familiar to modding: it's always a bad idea to rush ahead to newer versions when running a modded game. You'll be on your own until modders/authors have the time to test and update their mods to the newest available versions. That's why, if you are really excited about a new version, you should always test locally and in a backup - risking your actual savegame never pays off.

Overall, modding in a Early Access/Beta/In-development game is an adventure in and of itself. Eco is pretty stable and forward-thinking when it comes to modding, but developers have to develop the game and fix bugs, and the simple act of doing so may wreck a mod or two in the process. No one is to blame.

Mind that nothing broke in the modpack since its release, but incorrect reports of incompatibility triggered me to write this to the unitiated or for those interested.

Have fun saving the planet and turning Bison into fuel!
- Gabeux

PS: Remember that the safer procedure to migrate saves is to:
- Update Eco to the next Patch version [ >]
- Reapply modpack/mods
- Launch server (for Migration)
-- Repeat until you reach the target version [e.g.]
Note that sometimes you can skip versions, e.g. >, but you go against the suggested safe procedure by doing so, and it could ruin your save.
As always, do it locally and in a backup.
1.2.0 Changes:

- Added: Cj's Expanded Items Pack - Collection of different types of furniture
- Updated: All available mod updates for 7.4 compatibility - thanks for all modders who either updated during Staging or quickly after the 7.4 release!
- Removed: Pollute More - Vanilla rebalance in 7.4 renders this unnecessary and, actually, easier than vanilla.

Quick update to prepare for 7.4, and also to bring mods to the spotlight that are configurable via simple config files (BetterMining, BetterLogging, BigShovel), and libraries/APIs/frameworks that either support it or are developing support for it (Asphalt Modkit), which will make developing configurable mods faster and easier!

- Added AKirthosCore: API/Library - for Kirthos' Mods, and other mods
- Added Asphalt Modkit: API/Library - event system for developers
- Updated BetterMining, BetterLogging, BigShovel: Now easily configurable [check \Config folder]!!

Thanks to the modders for the great work!
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