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Elixr Mods

8.3.X 8.2.X Elixr Mods 1.5.2

No permission to download
This is just a re-upload as the other upload seemed broken, the new zip folder you should get its called mods.6.zip
V 1.5.2

Sorry for the late update here: this is the current up to date mod that is found on eco.mod.io

Added -:

Auto Doors config
"autodoors-on" Turns Auto Doors On
"autodoors-off" Turns Auto Doors Off

"autodoor-distance" Set the detection range for small auto doors ( anything smaller then the large lumber door and the grand hall door)
"largeautodoor-distance" Set the detection range for Lage auto doors

Chicken to zymology!
Raw Chicken
Chicken Drumstics (Cooked and raw)
Chicken Wings (cooked and raw)
Roast Chicken

Negative effects for eating raw chicken! (loss of calories)

Changes -:

Mass Balance to the Zymology mod!

Changed cost's of making food, there is alot of changes to many to list (Some food now produce more items for the same ammount or require less products to make food)
Changed Nutrition Vaules

Multiple Recipes added for alot of the zymology items! you can now use these on different teir stoves with different costs as well!

Updated Realistic Smelting to the latest:
Includes Ore Sifting ( Sift for ore through stone!)

Changed Version to output V1.5.2 instead of V1.5

Bug Fixes -:

Sake and Coffee Beans now have an icon
Removed Fermenting Barrel Minimap icon
AFK Config Reload Text
Important hotfix for the Fermenting Barrel - Is no longer ghostly and can be interacted with
This is the changelog for the V1.5 release! This pack is incomplete and everything is subject to change,
Some items in this pack may not work as intended.

Please post any findings/broken items in the discord for me to fix.
Thanks heaps to everyone who uses one of my mods!

Added -:

Linux based server Compatability

Zymology Skill - Added heaps of new food items, new skill
Zymology Skill includes:
Zymology Skill,
Battered Fish,
Beef Burger,
Corn Syrup,
Crispy Rolls,
Cut Chips - Frozen Chips,
Egg - 6 pack,
Eggs - 12 pack,
Ground Beans - Coffee Beans - Icon Missing for now,
Hot Chips,
Pickle Pear,
Steak Burger,
Soy Coffee,
Soy Milk,
Specialty Grains,
Urchin Oil,
"Wholemeal" Milk,

Chicken Coop,
Fermenting Barrel,

Changed Purple dye to now use Urchins instead of Fireweed Shoots

Bug Fix -:
Fixed Painting of clouds recipe,
Fix Painting of clouds and Painting of mountains Catagory
Fixed Walls snapping to Shipping containers

Removed -:
em-home.dll - Removed homes, Recomended to use NID's ToolBox
em-exchange.dll - Depricated as of 8.0
unclaim-all command - broken wasn't working - Recomended to use NID's ToolBox
rules command - Recomended to use NID's ToolBox
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Bug Fixes-:
Fixed Uninstall.Zip - Had incorrect folder name and would result in an error for duplicate items
Hopefully Fixed Non displaying objects

Changed Folder name for easier updating
Changed Config File Locations out of root directory and moved into mod folder
Removed a door that shouldn't be there

/update-dir - used to update all of your directory base locations
/warp-reload - Used to Reload the warp configs after /update-dir is used
/motd-reload - Used to Reload the MOTD configs after /update-dir is used
/afk-reload - Used to Reload the AFK config after /update-dir is used

Added Inventory to the dye table to help with an issue with the dye table - If the issue is still present please let me know
(Reported issue, Ques on the dye table causing major server crashes)
Should be easier for users to install onto their server: just unzip into your mods folder

Diagonal Roadline - Incorrect Name
Ramp Roadline - Incorrect Name

Stone Door missing Textures

Stained Glass Windows are now T3 as they should be

Bucket of water craft time - Reduced to 2 mins
added bucket of water crafting to blast furnace
Fixed Stained Glass Window's Floating Frames
This update adds a whole lot of new changes and a new way to install this pack!

Please remove all old files located in the mods folder
Then Unzip the new version into the server root directory
accept all overwrites
Start Server


Added -:

Road Arrows - Forward, Left Turning, Right Turning, Dual Turning

Mortaredstone, sandstone, limestone and granite double arch

Ramp Roadlines

Diagonal Roadlines

Double Vanilla Doors ( Lumber, Framed Glass, Hewn Log, Stone and Normal Doors)

Auto Vanilla Doors

Changes -:

Performance increases:
Adjusted all max render distances to help improve performance on all machines (Except for the roadlines)

Adjusted bucket craft time: Default craft time is now 5 minutes

adjusted some door animations to respond faster

New framed glass door textures

Uninstall package. - please read the uninstall.txt for how this works.

Increased auto door detection range to 5 blocks for the bigger doors

Adjusted the daylight sensors time detection, this may be out of scope of in game time

Changed Colored Glass floor to a Smaller Block

Bug Fixes -:

fixed roadline height so players should no longer catch on them

CTK Solar Panel should now have a model

Fixed Stained Glass Windows - Now work with walls

Fixed Arch's - Now Work with walls

Arch doors also work with walls (design is still only for the arch's)

Shipping containers now work with walls,
Fixed Elevator Door Occupancy and Icon


Building Glass - Colored
All Colors Available for the new glass type
Made with: Sand(6), Dye/Color dye(2)

Hand Water pump - Hewn Logs(20), Mortared Stone(30) - Used to gather water - Mortaring Skill
Bucket - Hewn Logs(5) - Used to get water from the water pump
Bucket Of Water - Bucket(1) - Holds water for recipes - when used returns a bucket

Dyes - Dyes used for making colored glass | Dyes made by the tailor(works with tailor efficencys
grey - cloth(5), Plant Fibers(25), Paper(5), Bucket Of Water(1) = 1
blue - cloth(5), Huckleberries(5), Plant Fibers(25), Paper(5), Bucket Of Water(1) = 1
green - cloth(5), Agave Leaves(5), Plant Fibers(25), Paper(5), Bucket Of Water(1) = 1
red - cloth(5), Tomato(5), Plant Fibers(25), Paper(5), Bucket Of Water(1) = 1
purple - cloth(5), Fireweed Shoots(5), Plant Fibers(25), Paper(5), Bucket Of Water(1) = 1
yellow - cloth(5), Pineapple(5), Plant Fibers(25), Paper(5), Bucket Of Water(1) = 1
brown - cloth(5), Dirt(5), Plant Fibers(25), Paper(5), Bucket Of Water(1) = 1
orange - cloth(5), Papaya(5), Plant Fibers(25), Paper(5), Bucket Of Water(1) = 1
black - cloth(5), Coal(5), Plant Fibers(25), Paper(5), Bucket Of Water(1) = 1

auto doors component - toggle on automatic opening doors

Road lines - mark out roads with these little roadlines | Made by a tailor

Single Lines - Cloth(5), Grey Dye(1) = 10
Double Lines - Cloth(5), Grey Dye(1) = 10
Crossing Lines - Cloth(5), Grey Dye(1) = 10

dye table - Log(20), Lumber(25) - for tailoring

Elevator Doors - Can Be Used with the small elevator

Road Barricade - Lumber(5), Black Dye(2), Yellow Dye(2)- Used for blocking off road sections

Water Tank Barrier/White Water Tank Barrier Recipies - Cement(5), Dye(White/Red(5)), Bucket of Water(5)

Added Buckets ( Water buckets and empty buckets)
Added "Hand" Water pump (early game build)

Added Glass Roof for the stained Glass, added Glass Floor for the stained glass (it is in the build menu for the color glass, shift + scroll)

Added new Arch doors with the texture update, Sandstone, Limestone, Stone and Granite Arch Doors

Added Auto Door Feature (how to use this below)


Walk up to a placed door (Stained Glass Double Door, Great Hall Door, Sliding Door, Double Wood Door, Elevator Door, Arch Doors) Single Doors do not currently work yet!
Press E to access the menu, then at the bottom there is an on/off toggle, when it is set to "On" The Auto doors will be enabled, you can't use the door while it is enabled
Turn it "Off" and you can use the doors as normal.


change stained glass recipes to now use colored glass instead
Traffic Cone now uses Dye - Orange(2)
Stop Sign Now uses Dye - Red(2)
Park Bench now uses Dye - Brown(3)
Customer Parking Sign now uses Dye - Blue(2)
Left + Right Signs now use dye - Blue(2)
Ahead Sign now uses dye - Blue(2)
Sliding Door Now uses Grey Glass

Arch and Arch Door texture update

changed Dye Table model and textures

adjusted dye table skill crafting requirements
changed dye table build materials to reflect the new texture

Bug fixes-:
optimizations for stained glass textures
Double Stone Arch - Incorrect Block Occupancy
Sliding Windows Not Sealing a Room
Bedroom Chest/Dresser's Acting bigger then they are?
fixed Roadlines Textures
fixed Road Barricade craft name
some minor adjustments
Fixed Double Great Hall Door not recognising a room
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