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Elixr Mods

8.3.X 8.2.X Elixr Mods 1.5.2

No permission to download
This is a great mod pack however i seem to be having a weird issue with /tp it works once but then it just randomly stops and when the receiving person types /tpa it just says numbers like 16, 17, 18 and it just keeps going. not sure what the issue is.
Hi There!
The numbers displayed are the number of requests the person has,
"/wipe-tp" use this to reset all the requests, i am working on bug fixes for alot of issues but these won't be available until 9.0 has released as i have been focused on the major changes for 9.0 its to hard to regress i'm afraid
I was unable to get this mod to work. Not sure if it's me or the mod. Once unzipped and installed in the mod folder, the game was unable to "connect" and timed out. Had to remove the files and run file integrity check to fix game files so it could run again. I've used other mods in the past; but this mod might require additional steps to get up and running. If so, then the problem is on my end. Otherwise, something is not working properly within the mod. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
Hi there, this isn't a mod issue but an eco issue, you are not the only person that has mentioned this issue, the devs said they where working to get this fixed for 9.0,

people have said that the way they got it to work was loading it on a single player world first then trying to connect to a server,

i hope the devs fix this issue for 9.0 as it makes it hard on players like yourself to enjoy some of the model based mods
One of the best modpackage, thanks. Works on ECO 8.3.3!
All Mods run best now. Thanks for updating. Some icons are missing, but all is working fine. Thank you for these great Modpacks :)
im glad everything is working! (aside from the few icons >.<) Thank you for your feedback! :D
Kye worked with me fix a file to where it work with Linux based hosts! Mod works great!
glad i could help get it working!
Only 3 stars, because only placeholders are shown. At this time optical not useable as a mod. But the idea is great. I hope it will be fixed soon, so it is usable. Then I will put it on my server and show it.
Hi there!

Sorry i thought i had responded,
i have had this report before, but only from a mac user, for some reason mac's don't seem to like the unity files very much,

are you using mac or pc?
Really enjoy this modpack, custodian is a very cool person too! :)
Awesome Modpack. Frequent Updates. Perefect <3
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