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Elixr Mods - Dye's Pack

8.3.X 8.2.X Elixr Mods - Dye's Pack v1

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Add a little extra to your modpack with these dyes! making clothes or items and you would like to add a colour variant to your recipe? Everything you need to use this pack is included! All the models and code files are bundled up together so you can just use them straight off the bat!

Unfortunately i won't be handing out the assets or the code for these files, i may take requests for new colours though!

Join Our discord for bug reports and suggestions, all the latest info in regards to our mods!

Discord: https://discord.gg/jWzu8bZ

This little pack can help give paper milling a purpose and something for your tailor to do!

By itself this little pack won't do anything, but i'm sure you guys can make some really great stuff with it!

Please Make a note on your modpack, that if a user wishes to use your mod that includes this pack and our other modpack: https://eco-mods.com/resources/elixr-mods.162/ Then the files provided here are not needed as they are included in our default kit!

Dyes (em-dyes.dll)
ItemRecipeSkill Required/Crafting TableGive Name
Black DyeCloth(5) Plant Fibers(25) Paper(5) Bucket Of Water(1) Coal(5)Tailoring 2 - Dye Table"/give Black Dye"
Blue DyeCloth(5) Plant Fibers(25) Paper(5) Bucket Of Water(1) Huckleberries(5)Tailoring 2 - Dye Table"/give Blue Dye"
Brown DyeCloth(5) Plant Fibers(25) Paper(5) Bucket Of Water(1) Dirt(5)Tailoring 2 - Dye Table"/give Brown Dye"
Green DyeCloth(5) Plant Fibers(25) Paper(5) Bucket Of Water(1) Agave Leaves(5)Tailoring 2 - Dye Table"/give Green Dye"
Grey DyeCloth(5) Plant Fibers(25) Paper(5) Bucket Of Water(1)Tailoring 2 - Dye Table"/give Grey Dye"
Orange DyeCloth(5) Plant Fibers(25) Paper(5) Bucket Of Water(1) Papaya(5)Tailoring 2 - Dye Table"/give Orange Dye"
Purple DyeCloth(5) Plant Fibers(25) Paper(5) Bucket Of Water(1) Fireweed Shoots(5)Tailoring 2 - Dye Table"/give Purple Dye"
Red DyeCloth(5) Plant Fibers(25) Paper(5) Bucket Of Water(1) Tomato(5)Tailoring 2 - Dye Table"/give Red Dye"
Yellow DyeCloth(5) Plant Fibers(25) Paper(5) Bucket Of Water(1) Pineapple(5)Tailoring 2 - Dye Table"/give Yellow Dye"
Dye TableStone(20) Mortar(10) Lumber(25) Bucket(10)Lumber 2 - Carpentry Table"/give Dye Table"
Hand Water PumpMortaredstone(30) Hewn Log(20)Mortaring 5 - Masonry Table"/give Hand Water Pump"
BucketHewn Log(5)Hewing 0 - Carpentry Table"/give Bucket"
Bucket Of WaterBucket(1)Hand Water Pump"/give Bucket Of Water"
Using In Your Kit

Item Mod UseRestrictions/Info
Black Dye<BlackDyeItem>(Int) |Int = Amount To Be Used in a whole number
Blue Dye<BlueDyeItem>(Int)
Brown Dye<BrownDyeItem>(Int)
Green Dye<GreenDyeItem>(Int)
Grey Dye<GreyDyeItem>(Int)
Orange Dye<OrangeDyeItem>(Int)
Purple Dye<PurpleDyeItem>(Int)
Red Dye<RedDyeItem>(Int)
Yellow Dye<YellowDyeItem>(Int)
Dye TableCraftingComponent.AddRecipe(typeof(DyeTableObject), this);Will Accept More Recipes
Hand Water Pump<HandWaterPumpItem> - In Case you want to use it to make something elseThis Has a Restricted Inventory! It will only accept Buckets And Buckets Of Water!
Bucket<BucketItem>()Used When Making a Bucket Of Water or a Bucket Of ? Also Used for returning an Empty bucket
Bucket Of Water<BucketOfWaterItem>()
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