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Ecko RP Quest

8.3.X Ecko RP Quest 1.1.0

No permission to download
Zangdar & Vico & Ondulas
Ecko Globe Locator

Bored not to find Ecko Statue ? Now you can in a challenging way ! Make your server play Cold / Hot game to locate it !


Craft the Globe in the Sawmill. Wait for it to charge (1 hour), and interact with it.
One player will be randomly choosen, and it's position will be displayed to everybody as hot / cold compared to Ecko Statue position. (height is not considered in this calculation)


Created by Zangdar & VicO_ o, with the help of Ondulas.
We're looking for ideas & feedback to improve the mod ! Ping @Zangdar#0377 on Eco Official Discord.

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