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8.3.X 8.1.X DiscordLink

Very good util.
Been using it as well, does what it advertises.
As promised, you improved this mod alot, made the setup a breeze, 5/5, keep it up!
Fantastic, found it to be easy to set up thanks to the steps by steps provided. Thanks for this
Excellent work Spoffy! Great start to a crucial modification for successful servers. Thanks for the hard work and such a solid contribution.
Thanks Tech, much appreciated! :) Any thoughts on how to improve it, feel free to open an issue :)
Brilliant Tool! Really good job with this! Keep it up
Bloody good tool, I would of said 5 but it's still a baby and has it's bugs part from that I love it, keep on rolling :)
Thanks Rex! Feel free to drop any bugs at https://github.com/Spoffy/EcoDiscordPlugin or on the thread, and I'll do my best to sort them :)
My rating will go to 5stars once the setup gets easier, code and functionality are a 5/5 but setup is a 3/5 overall 4/5, keep it up!
Thanks Clay! Setup definitely needs work, though it's a tricky one to sort! Definitely something for the future :)
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