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Disassembly Mod

8.3.X Disassembly Mod 1.1.0

No permission to download
Supported ECO Version: 8.3.3
New Version 1.1.0 posted on 15.06.2020
This mod can be used in complement beside JD GarbageMan Job.

Developing new technologies in Eco is necessary for a successful server. But often, some obsolete objects lose their usefulness and take up space for no reason. With the new disassembly skill, you will be able to recover their raw materials. Give up what you don't want and make room for recycling.

Added skill :
- Disassembling Skill

Added recipes :
- Disassembly Table ;
- Destroy Mortared Granite/Limestone/Sandstone/stone ;
- Destroy Stone Ramp/Road ;
- Dismantle Basic Backpack ;
- Dismantle Campsite ;
- Dismantle Garden Boots ;
- Dismantle Hand Plough ;
- Dismantle Low Top Shoes ;
- Dismantle Powered Cart ;
- Dismantle small wood cart/wood cart ;
- Dismantle Steam Truck ;
- Dismantle Tall Boots ;
- Dismantle Trousers ;
- Dismantle Wheelbarrow ;
- Dismantle Stone Hammer/Pickaxe/Scythe/Axe ; Wooden Hoe/Shovel ; Road Tool ;
- Dismantle Iron Hammer/Pickaxe/Scythe/Axe/Shovel/Hoe ;
- Dismantle Steel Hammer/Pickaxe/Scythe/Axe/Shovel/Hoe.

Ping Ondulas#3977 on Eco Official Discord for support / ideas.

Thanks to Zangdar and Vico_O for their knowledge^^
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  1. Disassembly Mod [Update 1.1.0]

    Adds new crafts.

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