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Cosmetics Mod [Update]

8.3.X Cosmetics Mod [Update] 2.0.0

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Ondulas Azber SnowHells Yinamori Zangdar
Update 2.0.0 :

- change of the 3D model of the unicorn headband ;
- changes to the descriptions to give the characteristics of the objects ;
- adding a new 3D model ;
- balancing the rarity level of objects.

Are you tired of looking like your neighbor? Would you like to be able to differentiate yourself and make Eco more realistic? How about expanding your wardrobe with this mod?

With The Cosmetics Mod, add more than forty crafts in the tailoring table and ask your tailor to bring joy to your server!

But beware ! It won't be easy to get it all... Some legendary items will have to be... researched... Why not try the lucky fishing pole and see what happens ? More information on the screenshots !

Added recipes at the tailoring table to make the tailor's job more important !


Ping Ondulas#3977 on Eco Official Discord for support / ideas.

Thanks to Azber, SnowHells, Yinamori and Zangdar for their help.

Do you want more? This mod is meant to be improved.If I see that this mod is liked, I'll start working on new items to double the amount already existing.
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  1. Cosmetics Mod 2.0.0

    - change of the 3D model of the unicorn headband ; - changes to the descriptions to give the...
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