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Carry More Mod

8.3.X Carry More Mod 2.1.1

No permission to download
IGS Husky
Do you hate carrying so little items at a time?
Do you hate that some items only stack up to 10?

About The Mod:
Well here you go. I have made this mod so you can carry x2, x5, x10, or x20 of every item. If the item doesn't have a stack size it will decreased the weight of it so you can hold more. I will add support for some of the mods that add items to the game later in the future.

Additional info:
This mod changes all the original file in the paths below


Hope you enjoy!!!
First release
Last update
4.50 star(s) 12 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. added x3 version

    added x3 version
  2. 8.3.3 update

    8.3.3 update
  3. 7.8.5 upd

    7.8.5 update. Added x10 and x20

Latest reviews

Works great in! It's so nice to be able to carry more stuff at a time! Great mod!
Good Job on the mod but the update from today made it not work anymore, could u update it?
it should work for 8.3.3. Make sure you copied content of xX folder to the Server\Mods\AutoGen folder according to installation guide
nice mod.
but install guide is wrong.
path is not "Server Mods folder"
correct path is "Eco Server\Mods\AutoGen" <- as described in the readme.
guide is fixed, thx
Works as intended on 8.3.3 for backpack, wheel barrels etc. Doesn't work on Vanilla stockpiles.
doesn't work with current version folder names dont match up, and server wont start after applying mod
which version are you trying? Did you see the Installation guide?
Love the mod but is there a way to just add 2x the stack size of buildable items with out the decreased carry wt. I want ppl to be able to build houses easier but not carry a truck load
Love it. I used to have to go through each update and do it manually, or save the files myself and copy them back over, but this makes it SO much easier! Thanks!
I can save my time with this mod.
Thank you
Downloaded and the 5x works great- only one question- when will 20x come out? I can't wait to use that!
5x crashed server, i like the mod but i think 7.7.0 needs a little more work
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