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BetterMining [Asphalt MDK]

7.8.X BetterMining [Asphalt MDK] 1.8.0

No permission to download
Ma, Gabeux and all the Eco Modding Alliance members
Thank everyone for the 1000 downloads. It's amazing !

Have you learned the mining profession ?
Just less calory consumption is not very useful, no one take this profession unless they have lots of skill points left.
So, i decided to add 2 new skills for the mining profession:
- Mining pickup amount: 5 levels
- Mining pickup range: 5 levels

- Strong Mining: 5 levels

Mining pickup
When you right click with a pickaxe on a rubble it will try to pick up all rubble around you, pretty useful when mining a large area.
The Mining pickup amount skill increase the maximum you can pickup with the skill
4*skill level (Configurable)
Skill points cost is 5,7,10,15,20
The mining pickup range skill just increase the range
Each level increase pickup range.
Skill points cost is 5,7,10,15,20

Strong Mining


Add a chance to instantly break the big rubble (the one you need to break another time with yellow border) when breaks a block.
Each level increase chance by 20%, at level 5 it's always break big rubble
Skill points cost: 5,10,15,30,50

Additional info
If you have any question or any idea don't hesitate to comment.
The skillpoints cost are configurable in Configs/BetterMining folder
Thanks for download and test my mods.
My mods use the Asphalt modkit by Lordmampf & Kronox thanks to them.
With the Asphalt modkit my mods now don't change any base game file.

You need to install the asphalt modkit :

Open the zip file and drag the content of the Mods folder in the Server Mods folder.
Click yes, when asks to replace files.
Restart the server and play.

Icons made by Ma using Eco assets.
Thanks very much to her for theses wonderful icons.
And thanks to Gabeux that help me test and showcase my mods.
First release
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4.93 star(s) 14 ratings

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Latest reviews

Just wondering if you could add the configuration option to increase the amount pulled per stack when right clicking. I have items set to max 60 able to be held by players but the pull only works up to 20.
Really awesome mod. Thanks for that!
I love all Kirthos' mods! And now they are easily configurable! Thank you :D
Thank you :) for this excellent mod. I like effency mods
Love it, but renders the Excavator almost pointless except for a decoration. Hoping someone could add something similar to this to it in terms of the large debris not spawning.
Pretty darn cool mod :)
This is what the base game needs to make mining viable.
It's also what would make big construction actually viable.
supper mod
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