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    Trash Cans and Ethanol

    OH ALSO... I'm thinking some sort of tollbooth item that requires payment via a currency or items? :3 please? I wish I was better at modding. :(
  2. Kobalt

    The Trash Plugin

    Can I make a suggestion? Could you make the command generate some sort of [ground?] pollution, or a hefty calorie hit, when the command is used? So there's some sort of cost to make things disappear? (Especially if you're /dumpcarried'ing tailings ;) )
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    You're the hardest workin' loli catgirl in here!
  4. Kobalt

    East Coast Autists

    Just a couple friends on the East Coast of the United States tryin' to have some fun. We're definitely on the spectrum. Modified carry stacks and tweaks, For more info hit us up on Discord: https://discord.gg/YZAM9qx
  5. Kobalt

    Trash Cans and Ethanol

    I'd like to create a trash can item that destroys anything put into it, but creates a small amount of ground pollution at it's location in exchange, maybe based on some aspect of the item's values, also possibly a compost heap that does similar for organic items, but either can craft...
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    Arashi's Nature Collection

    For funsies, I renamed the houseplants as best I could ID them, and I'm not plantidentifographer, ya know?
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    Drop that .dll into your Mods folder.
  8. Kobalt


    Loaded them up on my server, I'll give them a taste when our chef(s) get on.
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    Telescope Item

  10. Kobalt

    Arashi's Nature Collection

  11. Kobalt

    Telescope Item

    Thanks! Ill add it to my server asap and test out
  12. Kobalt

    Telescope Item

    Do we need to put the unity file in there somewhere?
  13. Kobalt

    Record Mode

    Record mode is my new source of entertainment...
  14. Kobalt

    Modifying Items

    I love you. This is perfect, thanks for the help! ---- Automatically Merged Double Post ---- Does it matter where I put it? I tossed it in /autogen/item/
  15. Kobalt

    The Trash Plugin

    Well it deletes the selected item, and since you can't "select" the carried item specifically, that could cause issues. Trash is helpful in that unlike "dump" it is targeted to a selected item on your quickbar. ---- Automatically Merged Double Post ---- I lol'd heartily at the irony.
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