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    help me

    ihr seit nicht erreichbar
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    Elixr Mods

    Hello I have a bug in the pictures. They can not be placed and bring in two or more times try the server to crash. In addition, the roads are Weis In the texture maybe you could make them black? Thank you
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    Elixr Mods

    Hi for me, the space and animal detection on the glassworking do not work.Woran can lie as is that a bug?
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    WiseMods - Traffic Control

    Bitte auf 8.1.3 aktualisieren Please update to 8.1.3
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    Farmers Paradise

    It would be great if you please expand the recipes. You just missing the new plants in the glasshouse
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    Modding my Nitrado server

    Für die große Schaufel brauchst du einen zweiten Mod, von dem es abhängt. der zweite mod ist ashalt modkit. dann müsste das Spiel diesen Mod erkennen. aber die schaufel kommt nur auf die ambos. For the big shovel you need a second mod of which it depends. the second mod is ashalt Modkit. then...
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    Mod Wishlist

    wie währe es mit slaps oder holztplanken und holzbretter (idealer weise senkrecht und waagrecht vielleicht auch diagonal zbs. für Dächer) how about slaps or wooden planks and wooden boards (ideally, vertical and horizontal maybe also diagonal zbs. for roofs)
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    Old modes updating

    or the ae mod [automerge] 1543748933 [/ automerge]
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    Old modes updating

    The following mods are very urgent. Big shovel, better mining, better logging, better farming, transport pipe
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    WiseMods - Traffic Control

    I've downloaded your mod. is great and was missing in the game. But unfortunately they react so late when you re-enter the chunk. Can you still improve the perfomens (reaction time) or do you already get the best out of it?
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    (DE) Funktionieren keine Mods unter 7.8?

    not at the moment. But they are all working on their mods soon. momentan nicht.aber alle arbeiten daran das ihre Mods bald wieder gehen.
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    Another MOTD Plugin [Asphalt MDK]

    is currently the worst time that you pause with the updates. because semaphore mods are currently down because of version 7.8.5
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    Clay's Toolkit [Deleted]

    Have the same problem. the id conflict affects the players.
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