Glorious Bean ServerUtils Modpack

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A modpack intended to enhance and empower Server Admins, Owners, Moderators, or players in general.

Made for the Glorious Bean Server
Modlist, Changelog, Info, Links
: Modlist - Google Drive Spreadsheet
Main Modpack: Glorious Bean Modpack
Contact: Discord (Gabeux#1309) for questions, issues or reports.

Last update: 05/27/2018
Last Tested Version: - works 100%. Reapply the modpack after installing a new Eco Update.
GBSU 1.0.1 Warning: VoteRewards was accidentally missing from the pack. Please redownload and re-apply GBSU if you downloaded it right after the release.
If you can execute the command /vrhelp in game, you don't have to worry about it.

Modlist Description
A standalone modpack intended to enhance and empower Server Admins, Owners, Moderators, or players in general.
This modpack includes admin commands and tools to enable admins to perform a variety of actions, or facilitates/automates certain process or procedures.

Media / Info:
GBSU Video Coming Soon!

GBM Release Video and Mod Highlights Youtube Video:

1. Unzip in the root folder of your server OR move the Mods folder in the GBSU .zip archive to your server root folder.

Made by Gabeux with suggestions from the Glorious Bean Co-Op community, for the Glorious Bean Server Modpack.
Icons, banners, thumbnails and images for my own mods & modpack made by my wife - Mari [Mariana#4718 ]. :love:
All credit and thanks for the Featured & modified mods goes to the mod authors! Much of my learning was through the previous work of the community.
Tested & Ran on the Glorious Bean Server.
My special thanks goes to everyone in the GBC, GBS, Killservers and Pam, and all modders of the Eco community.
Best of luck to SLG in this promising and ambitious project!


GBSU 1.0.1 for Eco 7.4.6
Mirror 1 | Mirror 2

Date: 05\28\2018
SHA1: 0078445E16ECE9E1723720A8F489DF38