World Edit - Obsolete Link 1.0.1

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World Edit has moved! ​Don't worry! World Edit is still fully supported and still being developed!

World Edit has moved!

Don't worry! World Edit is still fully supported and still being developed! But due to Storage limits in order to be able to upload new versions for you to download we have moved it to a new location! Get the latest version from here from now on: World Edit

  • Version 1.0.1

    Fixed: /replace command not recognizing Replacement blocks properly

    Added: /weversion command will output the version of the world edit for bug reports

  • Version 1.0.0


    /replace blocktochange, blocktochangeto

    /set, /walls now will convert to lower to ensure maximum compatibility





  • tested on 9.2 and seems to be working so far :D

  • Love this Mod! Thank you!


    /replace Command find no Blocks

    example No BlockType with name Sandstone found! But /set find it

    • Hi sekoris, yeah thank you, i should have a fix out for this as soon as i can

    • hi here again ;)

      only Replace blocktochange, blocktochangeto only this command works

      /replace Sandstone, Water

      but not /replace Water

      And /replace Air, Water goes not because Blocktyp Air is not found

    • air should be empty so you would use:
      /replace empty, water air is an Empty block

      but water should work, ill look into it

    • ah i did wonder because /set works with air

    • set and replace work a little differently