ESEC (Eco Server Extra Configuration) 7.0

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Modify Stacksize, Slots, Range, Player Start Pack, Tool Durability, Food Nutritions, Create Food Recipes, enable Big Shovel Alternative, and more.

The file is too big upload it here. The file size is >2MB
Download it from this URL:

NOTE: If you change the slots, then you need to pick up and place again every item which has slots, in order to see the new slots in your game.
IF you get an error from your server after you apply settings, before trying to apply settings again, verify your files with steam first.


This is an excecutable file you can use to auto set the followings:

  1. The Stack Size for Blocks - You can set Stack size to 5000 or 500000, or even more
  2. The Stack Size for Food and Items - You can set Stack size to 5000 or 500000, or even more
  3. The Maximum Weight for Backpacks - What about 800.000kg for a backpack? You can do it!
  4. The Maximum Weight for Carts and Trucks - What about 900.000kg for Vechicles?
  5. The Storage Range of every Vehicle - Sick of having no access to a storages because they are way too far? Let's just fix that!
  6. The ability to change the durability of all tools! Increase/Decrease the durability as you want and find the perfect balance for you.
  7. The number of slots (Small Wood Cart, Wood Cart, Powered Cart, Steam Truck, Truck and Storage Boxes) - Do you want 100 slots for a small wood cart? 1000 slots? Why not?!
  8. Disable/Enable the restriction to store Blocks (Dirt, Roads, Ores, etc) into Storage Boxes. - Have you ever think how nice would be if you could store your iron in just a storage box? Yes, now you can do this!
  9. Set Grow Rate - Play god and make your plants grow in 0,3 hours or even less!
  10. Disable/Enable the Height Limit of stockpiles and trucks.
  11. Disable/Enable Tailing Production from Crafting Stations
  12. Set Air Pollution rate produced from Vechicles and Crafting Stations
  13. The Maximum Weight and slots for Skid Steer - What about 900.000kg for a Skid Steer?
  14. The Maximum Weight and slots Excavator - What about 900.000kg for an Excavator?
  15. Set the Default Stockpile Slots
  16. Set Slots for any type of Stockpile independently - Do you want 100 slots for a tiny stockpile or 1000 slots for a large lumber stockpile? Everything's up to you!
  17. Set Slots for any type of Silo independently - Do you want 100 slots for a Storage Silo or 1000 slots for Powered Storage Silo? Everything's up to you!
  18. Set the range of Stockpiles and Storage Boxes - Sick of having no access to a storage box because is way too far? Let's just fix that!
  19. The Range of Crafting Stations - Sick of having no access to a storages because they are way too far? Let's just fix that!
  20. Edit the Nutrition of EVERY Food - What about an extended Vitamin Salad?
  21. Create your own Food - What about an Iron Pie or a Charred Axe or even an Gas Enery Drink? Enything you can think, you can make it!
  22. Disable/Enable breaking rocks with one click.
  23. Disable/Enable always breaking rocks into four (4) chunks.
  24. Disable/Enable the Big Shovel. By this, you will be able to interact with dirt/sand using interaction button (usually E), while you're holding a shovel. This way, you can get as much dirt/sand as your stack size is. TIP: Holding the interaction button (usually E), you can dig continuously.
    Disclaimer: The Big Shovel ability of this app has nothing to do with the Mod "Big Shovel", and in cannot replace it in any case.
  25. The Player Start Pack. - More claim papers for new players? Some blocks to start building? A cart maybe? Some Skill Scrolls? You can do anything!
  26. Auto Destroy Tree Stumps.
  27. Auto Destroy Debris.
  28. Pickup entire Tree without slice it in smaller pieces.
  29. Customize clothes skills.
  30. Make the Milk Recipe craftable.
  31. Five new block recipies to make (Dry Tailings, Dry Tailings Neutralizer, Wet Tailings, Wet Tailings Neutralizer, Compost)
  32. Ability to change Plants Death Rate and Plants Spread Rate

I developed this tool, in order to change the settings of my own private ECO Server.
It worked so good for me, so I decided to share it with you. I hope you like it.
If you have any ideas or you want to add more options, please let me know.

This tool is totally free. If you want to support my work, click the button below

[Blocked Image:]

How to Use the App

Step 1: Backup the entire "Mod" folder from "Steam\steamapps\common\Eco Server", just in case you want to restore the default values.

Step 2: Type or copy-paste the path of Eco Server (example: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Eco Server\Mods).
For local games, use the path [...]/steam/steamapps/common/Eco/Eco_Data/Server/Mods.

Step 3: Fill the fields with the values you want to set. The the default values you'll see are those I set for my private server. You can set Stack size to 5000 or 500000, or even more! Everything's up to you! ;)

Step 4: Check which settings will be changed.

Step 5: Press the "Apply Now" Button

Step 6: Wait for the "All Done" message.

Step 7: Restart your Server and enjoy! :)

NOTE: After any ECO Update, it's good to re-run the app just in case

For Rented Servers

1. Install Eco Server on your local PC through Steam Tools.
2. Run the "Eco Server.exe" and wait for the very first initialization.
3. Close the "Eco Server.exe"
4. Run the "Eco Server Extra Configuration.exe" and make the changes you want, following the steps 1-6 of the above "How to Use".
5. Backup the entire "Mod" folder of the Rented Server.
6. Navigate to Eco Server Path of your local PC (example: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Eco Server\Mods).
7. Copy-Paste the entire "User Code" Folder to your rented server.
8. Do not forget to enjoy! :)

NOTE: If you change the slots, then you need to be picked up and place again every item which has slots, in order to see the new slots in your game.

How to Use Food Nutrition Editor

1. Press the button "Load Food Nutrition"
2. Change that Carbs, Fat, Protein, Vitamins and Calories to your needs.
3. Press "Save Food Nutrition"
4. Restart your Server/Game.
Never forget to backup your Mod Folder in case you want to restore the default values.

How to Use Food Maker

1. Fill every field is noted with asterisk (*).
2. Press the Button "Load All Ingridients", and let's say you want to make a whole new "soup".
3. Type the amount (integer only, not decimal numbers) of the items you want to add to your soup.
4. Check the ingridients you just picked from last column, called "Add Ingridient"
5. Press the button "COOK".
6. Restart your Server/Game.

a. The Food Maker is not able to add an icon to your food. For icons, you need to use Unity.
b. When you transfer or eat the new food, the icon will not disapear. This is also a Unity thing.
c. To make the "ghost" icon disapear, override it with a tool or something, and it will work great.
d. The stacksize is not applied when you create the food. To change the stacksize of your new food, you must to re-apply the settings.

How to Use Tool Durability Rate

1. Press the button "Load Tools"
2. Change that Durability to your needs. Durability must be numeric only. The larger the number, the larger the Durability
3. Check the "Apply" on the tools you want to change Durability.
4. Press the button "Save Tools".
5. Restart your Server/Game.

To restore the default values, press the button "Load Default Durability" and press the button "Save Tools".
Never forget to backup your Mod Folder in case you want to restore the default values.


Let's work on bugs together and find a solution

Please do not post the ouput of the CMD (the log file), but send me a private message with files that have the error.
For example, if you get the error,
"[01:30:19.913] [1] [ Info] [Eco] C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Eco\Eco_Data\Server\Mods\__core__\AutoGen\Vehicle\SmallWoodCart.cs(87,72): error CS1503: Argument "2": Konvertierung von "long" in "int" nicht möglich.",
then send me directly the file "SmallWoodCart.cs".

The output log itself, says nothing to me if there is a bug in the app.

How to send me the error files
1. Go to (or use any other simillar website)
2. Add all the files that causes the error, including the log file.
3. Generate a link
4. Send me the link on a private message.

Τhank you for the cooperation :)

  • Version 7.0

    FIXED: Not loading the Eco Server Path from the saved settings. (found by zroc)

    FIXED: Compatibility with Other Mods. Now, if you use for example the Colored Vehicles mods and you apply changes on Vehicles, the mod's vehicles will be changed too. (found by Loeffel)

    MODIFY: New food items created by the Food Maker, now have the ending ".my.", in order to find them easier. (suggested by zroc)

    ADDED: The button "My Food", under the Food Maker Tab. By this option, you can delete food you made and you don't want to eat any more. (suggested by zroc)

    ADDED: The ability to change Clothes Perks and give something more special to your players. (suggested by zroc)

    ADDED: The ability to Auto Destroy Tree Stumps (Mining Tab)

    ADDED: The ability to auto Destroy Derbis (Mining Tab)

    ADDED: The ability to pickup entire Tree without slice it into smaller pieces. (Mining Tab)

    ADDED: Option to make Milk a craftable item (Main Settings Tab). When this is is enabled, then you can craft Milk using the Iron Stove. Requires Cooking Skills level 7.

    ADDED: The ability to change between Tabs with PgUp/PgDown

    CHANGED: The option "Max Tree Debris" moved under the Mining Tab.


    The recipes Dry Tailings, Wet Tailings, Tailing Neutralizer, Compost Block and Clay Block are now moved into the UserCode folder.

    In case you already use these recipes, before you copy the folder, delete them first fromt the folder "...\__core__\AutoGen\Blocks" AND from the folder "...\UserCode\AutoGen\Blocks".

    Otherwise, the server will crash with a "duplicate file" error message.

  • Version 6.5

    FIXED: The issue where the user couldn't change the Nutrition of Food after he applied the changes at least once. (found by }{0TT@b6)4)

  • Version 6.4

    FIXED: The issue where the storage box slots couldn't change after the very first time you applied changes. [found by Loeffel]

  • Version 6.3

    FIXED: The issue where the Excavator Weight Field was not visible. (found by JondBanesJond)

    FIXED: The issue where the Limit Height Number was not saved into the settings file.

  • Version 6.2

    FIXED: The issue where the Player Start Pack, by loading all items, shown the default data even if the user changed them.

    FIXED: The issue where the Prayer Start Pack file was not saved into the UserCode.

  • Version 6.1

    FIXED: The issue where McAfee recognized the app as virus.

    FIXED: The issue where BitDefender recognized app as virus. However in some versions you may still get such notification. Read the first paragraph of Mod's description for more details.

    FIXED: The issue where you set Independently weights to each vehicle, these values were ignored. (found by JondBanesJond)

    ADDED: The "Total Mod Refresh" option. (suggested by Loeffel)


    Total Refresh empties the UserCode folder and remake the changes. Use this option in case of any Eco Update resets the philosophy behind the files.

    WARNING: This Option may cause damage or loss of any other mod you may use, as it completely empties the UserCode Folder.


    While this field is not checked, the app will prefer to modify UserCode Folder first, and ONLY if the a file is not exist in UserCode Folder it will copy that file.

  • Version 6.0

    REWORKED: The apply code so it can save in UserCode Folder only the changes. The application does not copy anymore all the files. (reported by SpicySunda)

    FIXED: The error occured by the EcopediaStrings.csv. Actually, the UserCode does not need the Ecopedia folder. (reported by Jazziileinchen, StarLightSoul, dastbln, Jazziileinchen, [RoRG]⍟Mr.Kush⍟)

    ADDED: The ability to set Max Tree Debris (tab Main Settings). By setting a zero (0) value, the trees will no more create derbis. Default game value is 20. (suggested by tindin)

    ADDED: The ability to set Maximum Weight separately for each vehicle, or same Maximum Weight for all. (suggested Pupswange_Marcel)

  • Version 5.7

    CHANGED: The modified files are now saved into the "UserCode" folder. (thanks to SpicySunda)

    FIXED: The issue where the Large Lumber Stockpile and Lumber Stockpile slots where not according to the user's options (found by Pupswange_Marcel and DIY_TheStig)

  • Version 5.6

    FIXED: Compatibility with 9.4

    REMOVED: The restriction which demanded to have the word "eco" in you server path.

    For now, the app uses the new "__core__" folder of the game. In newer version, this may be changed.

  • Version 5.5

    FIXED: Donate Button Link. For some reason, the button link did not work. Thanks to everyone who noticed this and informed me about. :)

  • I really like the program as it makes changes easy to comply, but there are two things in the version for 9.4 that aren't so good.

    1. Every file from __core__\AutoGen will be transfered to the UserCode\AutoGen even when the file wasn't changed at all, that doesn't make sense and I'm pretty sure will make the loading for the client much slower as he has to load all files even though they weren't changed.

    2. Is a more dangerous thing, that could break the server for some people. The files in UserCode\AutoGen will not be modified if they already exists! That might break existing mods. For example the "More Milk"-Mod modifies three animal files, to drop additional items when the carcass is picked up. This mod won't work afterwards as the already modded files are overwritten.

    • Hello Loeffel,

      With the version 6.0, the main problems will be solved. However, about the "More milk" Mod, this may be tricky and I am currently working on that.

      The problem is that the app is modifying the original files. This means that any further changes in UserCode, currently, will be replace the files. The server will still run btw.

      I am currently try to support other mods as well, and make so if the user has other mods installed, then the app will modify existing code and not the original files. This is tricky and right now I cannot release something I am not sure it will work. It demands plenty of tests from my side.

      Stay tuned for newer releases. Be sure that all will be fixed :)

    • Perhaps you can contact the EM-Project team. In their newest version of the EM framework they create a configuration file, in the config directory. This file contains a lot of definitions for weight and stack size. It seems they include items from other mods too and even overwrite their values. Storage ranges they only include for their own storages and the vanilla ones.

      It might be that they could help. For sure it would make a special program part viable that uses this file if the EM framework is installed. That way you don't need to copy so many files and it might make the loading of the mod part faster for the client.

      I really like your mod and I used it on our server.

      For changing the other mod files, there is an option to change them without changing the original file of the mod. If you create a backup copy of it and then change the file, you won't have the problem of a definition double.

      For example, you copy it to xxxx.cs.ori then you can even include an option to undo these changes.

    • Hello Loeffel,

      Your suggestion gave me an idea and I apply it in the new version (6.1).

      Now, the app modifies first the already existed override files and only if a files is not exists in the UserCode it copies it. By this, the use keeps his mods, and also he can modify their slots, weight and stack size.

      Thank you so much :)