WiseMods - Traffic Control 2.0.3

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Traffic objects

2 recipes to craft ramps using road items (could be turned off in config)
Stone Ramp Recipe: Stone Road x 5 + Pitch x 5 (at max efficiency)
Asphalt Ramp Recipe: Asphalt Road x 5 + Pitch x 5 (at max efficiency)

Traffic Light
(Could be placed at the cross and automatically paired with others for given radius)

: Electronic Engineering lvl. 2
Recipe [Electric Machinist Table]
(at max efficiency):

  • 1 Circuit
  • 6 Steel
  • 2 Plastic
  • 24 Rivets
  • 6 Light bulbs

Guard Barriers (Could be combined with different types to make a solid barrier custom length)
Tiny(2 blocks)/ Small(6 blocks)/ Large(14 blocks)

Requires: Road Construction lvl. (0/1/2)
Recipe [Wainwright Table]
(at max efficiency):

  • 0.2/0.6/1.4 Steel

=6 [Max radius to connect light to others for sync working when placing]
=60 [Total number of seconds the light make the full cycle (from green to green)]
=50 [The percent of cycle duration for lighting green]
=false [Enables or Disables new recipes for ramps]

v2.0.0 BETA:

  • Support 8.0

v1.1.0 BETA:

  • Added guard barriers (Tiny/Small/Large)
  • Improved performance of Traffic Light

v1.0.0 BETA:

  • Added Traffic Light Object