Upgrades Enhanced 1.0.0

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Building upgrades get harder with this mod and upgrades now give a linear progressing bonus

Upgrades are harder to build as all upgrades demand the previous one - not only within there technology type like in vanilla: Advance Upgrades 1 now need a Basic Upgrade 4 and Modern Upgrades 1 need a Advance Upgrade 4 (so there's always a need for basic and advanced upgrade production). Skill related upgrades need a skill scroll to be produced. That doesn't mean a lot of hassle on its own in vanilla, but increased the difficulty and grind if you combine this mod with the "Harder Books (& Research)" mod.

Additionally standard upgrades (basic, advanced and modern) increase from a 10% bonus to 20%, 30% and 40%. Skill specific upgrades give, like in vanilla, a 50% bonus to all skill related recipes and a 45% bonus to all other recipes.


Extract file content into the "Mods" folder and override existing files.