Paper, please! 1.0.0

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Increases the importance of paper in ECO

With this mod, paper is an important resource in ECO and you'll need to cut down complete forests for it.

Many recipes for advanced and modern crafting tables rely on paper to be produced (imagine it as I kind of knowledge transfer). Also all civics and government objects need large quantities of paper to be produced.

To ease the pain a bit, there some new paper related recipes in this: everyone can now produce paper. Additional wood pulp as a resource for paper from hewn logs. At last there are three new paper related recipes for paper millers.

Every recipe has it's own file - so simply delete what you don't want. (If you're also installing the "Harder Books" mod: both share some recipes, so may have to delete unwanted recipes again.)


Extract file content into the "Mods" folder and override existing files.