Elixr Mods 1.5.2

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This Pack Is Obsolete - Please Use This Pack Instead: ​Elixr Mods - Full Pack

This Pack Is Obsolete - Please Use This Pack Instead: Elixr Mods - Full Pack

  • This is a great mod pack however i seem to be having a weird issue with /tp it works once but then it just randomly stops and when the receiving person types /tpa it just says numbers like 16, 17, 18 and it just keeps going. not sure what the issue is.

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    I was unable to get this mod to work. Not sure if it's me or the mod. Once unzipped and installed in the mod folder, the game was unable to "connect" and timed out. Had to remove the files and run file integrity check to fix game files so it could run again. I've used other mods in the past; but this mod might require additional steps to get up and running. If so, then the problem is on my end. Otherwise, something is not working properly within the mod. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

  • One of the best modpackage, thanks. Works on ECO 8.3.3!

  • All Mods run best now. Thanks for updating. Some icons are missing, but all is working fine. Thank you for these great Modpacks :)

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    Kye worked with me fix a file to where it work with Linux based hosts! Mod works great!