EM Plant Changer - EXE 1.0.1

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Easily Change the plant growth time in your server

Thanks to Fyre For the initial Design of this little app, after some small tweaks and changes to make your life easier here is something for you

The Plant Life Changer:

This is an exe file with a config file, we will update this to have more config options,

Here is how it works:

Unzip into your servers Root directory, Not the mods folder.

Edit: PlantChanger.dll.config (with notepad++ or something similar) and only change these lines:

    <add key="DoPlants" value="true"/> //This tells the app to change the plant files, if you set this to false it will do nothing
    <add key="DoPlantMaturity" value="false"/> // This tells the app to change the plant maturity, true or false only (must be lowercase)
    <add key="PlantMaturity" value="0.3"/> //This is the plant maturity value you wish to change to
    <add key="DoPlantDeathRate" value="true"/> // This tells the app to change the plants Max Death rate, true or false only (must be lower case)
    <add key="PlantDeathRate" value="0.001"/> //This is the new Max Death Rate ( the lower the number the slower the plants die)
    <add key="AutoReplace" value="false"/> //This tells the app to move all the new edited files to the servers mods folder into the correct place, it also saves a copy of the vanilla files for you (provided you haven't changed them, it would then copy the edited files you have)

Change the value to your desired value, How the maturity value works is: 1.0 is 1 day, 0.5 is 12 hours, 0.25 is 6 Hours, 0.125 is 3 Hours etc

The default is set to 0.3 which is just over 6 hours

Once done run the .exe

This will then make a backup Directory with the modded files under: EM-PlantChanger/Plant
Copy your old plant files from: Mods/AutoGen/Plant to a safe location the replace the old ones with the new ones located in the backup dir, we will add more options to this later on for tress growth specifically etc
next release will have a save vanilla files only feature as well as the auto move

  • Version 1.0.1

    Update to the Plant Changer!

    New Features:
    More settings:
    you can now set to change just:
    Plant maturity rate or Plant Max Death rate or both

    you can now change the MaxDeathRate of all plants in the AutoGen/Plant Folder

    Automatic File Mover
    You can now set it so it will automatically move all the new edited files to the correct folder, don't worry it saves the vanilla files in a safe location

    Console Text:
    Know your settings,

    Version output to console, and some more text to help you out.

    Main page has been updated with the new config options and what they do

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Hi, is there any chance you can update this? Regards

  • just a question ho this work because I tried to change the files in the Plant folder with the ones in the server and just crashed my server

    • Hi there, if you are using the latest update it will do it for you, but can you send the error log from the server?

    • I will try it again soon i did a wipe again, is possible to change the calories from the plants also like setting to give 2x or 5x more than the vanilla?

    • it is possible but its not setup in the tool to do that yet, we are in the process of changing it to a UI system with more options

    • how lower can the PlantDeathRate be because I change it to 0.001 and now all my Prickly Pear are dead all off them

    • it can go as low as 0.0000000000000001 if you like