Big Shovel - Light 1.2.3

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Big Shovel Light Updated for 9.4! - Will Now Only Pickup Up To 10 By Default!

Please Note! This is a Light Version of the Big Shovel Mod!
This version will only show Dirt Clay and Sand on the end of the shovel, but you can still pick up everything else with it they just will not display!

Big Shovel Mod Updated for 9.4! - Will Now Only Pickup Up To 10 By Default!

Installation Instructions:
Unzip Into the Mods/UserCode Folder

Changing MaxTake:

Go into the Mods/BigShovel Folder,
Open any of the BigShovel Files except for the BigShovel.cs
Set the MaxTake to your desired Value

The Max Take Can Not Be Higher then the Max Stack Sizes For Dirt, clay, etc


When you update to the newest version, be sure to remove the old BigShovel.dll as the big shovel is now uncompiled so it now adds in 4 cs files and 4 unity files,

The cs file you can edit to change calorie cost, durability etc

Here it is, One of the most requested things around, The Big Shovel!

3 New shovel types,

Iron Big Shovel

Steel Big Shovel

Modern Big Shovel

Cost's slightly increased for balance

Recipes, Locations Skills:

Item Name Recipe Craft Location/skill Give Name Info
Wooden Big Shovel 30 Wood Tool Bench, 30 Second craft Time/ No Skill "/give Wooden Big Shovel" the wooden big shovel has a durability of 100
an average calorie cost to use of 20 per interaction
Repairs with any kind of wood
Iron Big Shovel Iron Bars 8, Wood Boards 8 Anvil, 30 Second Craft Time "/Give Iron Big Shovel" the iron big shovel has a durability of 500
an average calorie cost to use of 17 per interaction
Repairs with Iron Bars
Steel Big Shovel Steel Bars 15, Lumber 10 Anvil, 30 Second Craft Time "/Give Iron Big Shovel" the steel big shovel has a durability of 1000
an average calorie cost to use of 20 per interaction( will be changed to 15)
Repairs with Steel Bars
Modern Big Shovel Fiberglass 15, Steel Bar 20 Assembly Line, 30 second craft time "/Give Modern Big Shovel" the Modern big shovel has a durability of 2000
an average calorie cost to use of 10 per interaction
Repairs with Steel Bars
  • Version 1.2.3

    Fixed: A bug where picking up 1 block would force the game to change the selected tool not allowing the big shovel to be used properly

  • Version 1.2.2

    Patch For 9.4!

    Fixes issues with it not working in 9.4


    Because Big Shovel Is NOT A Compiled Mod, This Mod goes in the UserCode folder in your mods folder now! So Unzip this ZIP inside the UserCode Folder in the Mods Folder so it should look like this:


  • Version 1.2.1

    Patched For 9.3.3

    added a new base class "BigShovel" which holds all the default values,

    Then you can alter each big shovel's maximum take in their files directly,

    Reason for adding the base class was to cleanup the files so they only contain the code they need and makes it easier to find how to change how many they can pickup

    In each file line just Adjust the MaxTake Value,

    The MaxTake can't be higher then the max stack size as the override Won't allow for it,

  • Version 1.2.0

    Fixes silly bug: Trying to dig repeatedly does nothing, to correct, you have to wait between dig attempts in order to dig multiple times

    Fixed Buggy Animation Controller Now works even better then before!

    Released as Uncompiled Version as well so now you can fully pick and choose which big shovels you want in your server,

    Assets Still in the BigShovel/Assets folder

  • Version 1.0.1

    Fixed a bug where spam clicking would lock up use of the shovels
    Made a change where the shovels now act like the normal shovel
    Requires you to hold in left click until action is completed otherwise it cancels the action - Acts like the normal shovel

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Hi, nice mod :thumbup:

    ( it would be nice if we could select others stuffs in the action bar when we have the shovel in hand with dirt. Like we can do with the Pickaxe : when you mine some rocks, you can select the storage chest to place it, from the action bar, and even the sickle to clear or the axe to cut trees or branch ...)

    (but for now, /build worldobjects storagechest,1 will do the job ...)

    • Hi there! this is core code in eco, this is not something i can change without releasing a modified Version of the Eco server, which i don't believe i am allowed to do, and would require me to make the changes for every hotfix/update eco releases