NidToolbox: Clean Server module - Mining rubble, tree debris removal and reporting 1.0.1

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Set of server clean and maintenance commands, allowing for removal of mining rubble, tree debris, stumps etc. Generates report detailing rubble present on the server.


Clean Server module

for NidToolbox Light

requries nid-core module available here


Reporting, maintenance and cleaning little service for your world.

Clean Server module functionality:

  • Generates detailed report about different kind of rubble present on your server, so you can assess the situation and impact on performance quickly.
  • Allows removal of rubble on per type basis.
  • Easy to use and very light on system.


As any module of NidToolbox set, it requires nid-core module, available in the main forum thread: here

Available commands:

/help CleanServer

Displays information about all commands contained within this module.


Prepares a detailed report about different kind of rubble on the server.



Removes mining rubble present on the server.


Removes tree related debris: fallen trees, branches, stumps.


  • Version 1.0.1

    Version 1.0.1

    • Upgraded to full-fledged NidModule instead of a command snap-in;
    • Added requirement for nid-core module enforcement. If the module is not found or in wrong version, it will be reported to the server owner, instead of showing default net cryptic error message;
    • Migrated project to NetStandard 2.1.
  • Version 1.0.0

    Initial release.

  • So this mod required "NidToolbox Light" ?

    • Hello My Friend, thank you for your interest.

      Yes - it Clean Server is one of the modules to NidToolbox Light. It is fully modular project so you can mix and match the components you like. The only required module is nid-core rest is optional. Nid Core can be downloaded in main thread of NidToolbox Light.

      I made a description clearer on this.