Furniture m3 Mod 9.0.2-V0.1

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A simple mod that causes almost all house XP giving items to use up a suitably "realistic" amount of m3

Welcome to the FurnitureM3 mod by Mishka (Mishka#1337 on Eco Mods Community and Official Eco Discord).

Current version is V1 for Eco 9.0.2, The mod will be kept up to date for each Eco version with the V1, V2 etc coming if things get balanced ie 9.0.1V2 would be a tweak to this release, then 9.0.2V1 would be the first release for 9.0.2 Eco including the previous balancing/tweaks

This mod is just a change of the vanilla furniture in the game to make them use up m3 space, these values in V1 have been based off the physical space the object uses and then some space as a faux realism to use said object, for example a chair takes up 2m3 physically then 2m3 to use it ie stood infront of it.

This does NOT affect light emitting objects nor storage items and for rugs I felt they already took up floor space so no point taking up more.

Beds 9-18m3

Benches 6m3

Chairs 4m3

Couch 8m3

Icebox 8m3

Fireplace 18m3 (6m3 Physical and then 12m3 infront because you'd not place things directly infront of a fire)

Latrine 4m3 (Same as chair, need to stand infront of the thing then sit on it)

Mounts 4m3

Planters 4m3 (takes up 2m3 then stood infront of it to admire your pretty plants)

Statues 4-24m3

Table 10m3 (takes up 4m3, then 6m3 stood on the "long" side of it)

All this mod does is change a few lines in each of the furniture files, it will not work with any mods that change the same base game files.

To install the mod just copy the Mods folder onto your server from the installer folder, to uninstall just copy the Mods folder from the uninstaller onto your server.

Please enjoy my mod, you can leave me feedback in the Eco Mods Community but please tag me in it so I am aware or on my own Discord in the m3-feedback channel

  • Brilliant idea

    This is such a great concept, it basically makes you have to build bigger (and somewhat more realistic) houses rather than cramming tons of furniture into tiny rooms. A must for long term servers that are focusing on building rather than racing to shoot down that meteor. :love::thumbup: