Colored Vehicles 2.0.0_uncompiled

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Drive with Style !

Colored Vehicles (9.0.2)
Give a touch of styles and uniqueness to your vehicles ! Paint your wood carts, steam truck and trucks !

Choose the uncompiled version if you want to be able to edit objects configuration (example: you have a modded server that changes vehicels, and you want to apply same configuration to the colored vehicles mod)


Unzip and move colored_vehicles_v2.0.0.unity3d and colored_vehicles_v2.0.0.dll in your server Mods folder.

For the uncompiled version, move colored_vehicles_v2.0.0.unity3d and the folder colored_vehicles_v2.0.0_uncompiled in your server Mods folder.


Vehicles are cosmetics only !

Craft the Primitive Painting Table in the Carpentry Table to paint and wash:

- WoodCartBlack

- WoodCartBrown

- WoodCartDarkBlue

- WoodCartGreen

- WoodCartLightBlue

- WoodCartOrange

- WoodCartPink

- WoodCartPride

- WoodCartPurple

- WoodCartRed

- WoodCartWhite

Craft the Advanced Painting Table in the Anvil to paint and wash:

- SteamTruckBlack

- SteamTruckBrown

- SteamTruckDarkBlue

- SteamTruckGreen

- SteamTruckLightBlue

- SteamTruckOrange

- SteamTruckPink

- SteamTruckPurple

- SteamTruckWhite

- TruckBlack

- TruckBrown

- TruckDarkBlue

- TruckGreen

- TruckLightBlue

- TruckOrange

- TruckPink

- TruckPurple

- TruckWhite

- TruckYellow

Created by Zangdar & Vico_O.
Don't hesitate to give us feedback to improve the mod ! Ping @Zangdar#0377 on Eco Official Discord.

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  • Version 2.0.0_uncompiled

    Added a uncompiled version. You can edit configuration of vehicles.

  • Version 2.0.0

    Release new version for 9.0 !

  • Version 1.0.0