Colored Vehicles 2.0.0_uncompiled

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Drive with Style !

Colored Vehicles (9.0.2)
Give a touch of styles and uniqueness to your vehicles ! Paint your wood carts, steam truck and trucks !

Choose the uncompiled version if you want to be able to edit objects configuration (example: you have a modded server that changes vehicels, and you want to apply same configuration to the colored vehicles mod)


Unzip and move colored_vehicles_v2.0.0.unity3d and colored_vehicles_v2.0.0.dll in your server Mods folder.

For the uncompiled version, move colored_vehicles_v2.0.0.unity3d and the folder colored_vehicles_v2.0.0_uncompiled in your server Mods folder.


Vehicles are cosmetics only !

Craft the Primitive Painting Table in the Carpentry Table to paint and wash:

- WoodCartBlack

- WoodCartBrown

- WoodCartDarkBlue

- WoodCartGreen

- WoodCartLightBlue

- WoodCartOrange

- WoodCartPink

- WoodCartPride

- WoodCartPurple

- WoodCartRed

- WoodCartWhite

Craft the Advanced Painting Table in the Anvil to paint and wash:

- SteamTruckBlack

- SteamTruckBrown

- SteamTruckDarkBlue

- SteamTruckGreen

- SteamTruckLightBlue

- SteamTruckOrange

- SteamTruckPink

- SteamTruckPurple

- SteamTruckWhite

- TruckBlack

- TruckBrown

- TruckDarkBlue

- TruckGreen

- TruckLightBlue

- TruckOrange

- TruckPink

- TruckPurple

- TruckWhite

- TruckYellow

Created by Zangdar & Vico_O.
Don't hesitate to give us feedback to improve the mod ! Ping @Zangdar#0377 on Eco Official Discord.

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  • Version 2.0.0_uncompiled

    Added a uncompiled version. You can edit configuration of vehicles.

  • Version 2.0.0

    Release new version for 9.0 !

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Great mod but issues with 9.0 version

    We had fun with this mod on 8.3 but we had a problem of carts duping when picked up on 9.0. This is probably related to the problem where 8.3 unity models leave the icons behind but with items you can just ignore the icon in the slot and it will disappear when another item is placed there. One of our players generated 3 carts trying to pick theirs up and then the server shot up to 20gb of ram usage and was shut down by our host. We deleted the duped carts and a work order that had issues completing and now the server is running normal. It could have been the work order but it happened right as the carts duped. Unfortunately letting everyone replicate carts is also not an option so until unity models can be updated we will have to remove it.

  • Works great! I love being able to distinguish visually at a glance between my cart and the carts of others :) Tested on