Cosmetics Mod 2.0.0

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A mod that adds more than forty cosmetics. Be different!

Update 2.0.0 :

- change of the 3D model of the unicorn headband ;
- changes to the descriptions to give the characteristics of the objects ;
- adding a new 3D model ;
- balancing the rarity level of objects.

Are you tired of looking like your neighbor ? Would you like to be able to differentiate yourself and make Eco more realistic ? Now you can expand your wardrobe!

The Cosmetics Mod adds 40+ crafts in the tailoring table. Ask your tailor to bring joy to your server !

But beware, they won't all be too easy! Some legendary items will have to be researched... Why not try the lucky fishing pole and see what happens ? More information on the screenshots!

Added recipes at the tailoring table to make the tailor's job more important !


Ping Ondulas#3977 on Eco Official Discord for support / ideas.

Thanks to Azber, SnowHells, Yinamori and Zangdar for their help.

Do you want more? This mod is meant to be improved.If I see that this mod is liked, I'll start working on new items to double the amount already existing.


  • I have updated this great Work by Myself!
    It Support's now 9.0+
    Preview Image Cosmetic Mod! 9.0+

    • Hi, I see you liked this mod :thumbup:. Thank you for updating this mod and making your community benefit from it. Nevertheless, I think you could have first contacted me to ask me if I plan to update my mod. You would have known that it was in preparation, enriched with new cosmetics, and that it would be released soon. So be patient, the development is terribly long because I want to make something of quality;). However, if you want to help me, you're welcome. Don't hesitate to contact me on Discord !

    • Im sure you will, i just wan't to let you know that i have done it - maybe someone still wants to use your work now.

      I develope own Mod's for Eco, so i just want to let u know that someone (me) have worked (updated) with your Project, i don't want that you will notice it by someone else, it's good to have your ok ;):)

      If you need Help, just contact me, i try my best to help you!

  • Works great on I love all the lil items to make each person feel more unique. A suggestion: Not sure how the hats work but it would be nice if there were more options for hair color + hat, like red hair.